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Sean and Tyler Otis have commented on Lauren Martin's photo 1 hours ago

Wow... Lauren you never cease to amaze me with these shot's.

Buckskin Slot Canyon

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Sean liked John Landolfi's photo 1 hour 2 minutes ago

Sean replied to the topic 'I'm brand new to PhotographyTalk!' in the forum. 1 hour 3 minutes ago

Well put Jake,
Best thing to do is get involved, help people out, comment / critique photos, show your work etc... There's a bit of everything.


I think I had a fine memory when I was young, can't recall for sure.....:dry:


Born with bad memory. Parents too old, pre-drug age. 


The "question" was for you and your seemingly bad memory......:(


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Brad Vahrenkamp replied to the topic 'How Do You Market Your Photography Business?' in the forum. 7 hours 18 minutes ago

MYoung wrote:

Yes, agree good topic. 

I've had good success with partnering with: 

1. Wedding cake makers
2. Bridal shops
3. Tux rental shops
4.  Wedding dress shops
5.  Wedding coordinators (this one always takes much more time and requires portfolio) 
6.  Popular wedding venues 

Word of mouth has been good for me.  This requires much hand holding most of the time. 

Local listings are good, but get over run and you become one of so many others lost in a list

I'm just exploring search engines now.  

will see!  

:agree:  Bing from my experience isn't too bad 


Slip, sliding awaaaaay...

Forgot song title. 


Rob K replied to the topic 'Worst wedding photos ever taken' in the forum. 8 hours 34 minutes ago

effron wrote:

I'll bet they saved a bundle though, probably a Craig's list bargain!

What do you mean?  These examples look like top dollar photographers.  :whistle:



And you have had your turn, slide over


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