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Lauren Martin shared a photo. less than a minute ago

No, only one spot out....


Im way behind this post.


Dana Leeson replied to the topic 'What are your worst habits when shooting?' in the forum. 15 minutes ago

OMG, i think we all are guilty of that one! 


Robert Hopman replied to the topic 'Badges' in the forum. 32 minutes ago

The overview page is pending.

For now this is the overview:
Years of Membership,
Following Count,
Followers Count,
Post Count,
Consecutive Login Count,
Photo Comments.
Top Poster (total top),
Lounge Guru (top posts in lounge),
Nikon Guru / Canon Guru (top posters in those categories),
The King (top general discussion poster)

As for the descriptions hover / mouse over each one.

effron has them all.


Dana Leeson replied to the topic 'Working in Argentina for photo gig, work visa needed?' in the forum. 34 minutes ago

I'm near 100% sure you will need the work visa 


Vincent Salierno commented on Ed's photo 1 hour 13 minutes ago

That reflection is something else. Ed you managed to capture the very best this scene could provide. Bravo.

Time Stops Over Tetons

Vincent Salierno commented on Tony's photo 1 hour 16 minutes ago

Great portrait, kids make the best subjects to photograph when you can get them smiling.

Vincent Salierno liked Tony's photo 1 hour 16 minutes ago

Vincent Salierno created a new topic ' Lack of anti-aliasing filters in some cameras?' in the forum. 1 hour 24 minutes ago

I know AA filters are supposed to fix moire and some other artifacts.  What I'm trying to figure out is why don't all cameras have this filter in them?  Didn't all cameras have this filter back in the day?  So what gives now?  Some having and some don't?  

What's the reasoning behind this select inclusion?  


Stacy Craig replied to the topic 'Looking for ideas of new products to offer to clients?' in the forum. 1 hour 28 minutes ago

Holiday cards with the family portrait on them.  Then again, for a few of my big clients last year, I gave them each a package of 25.  So far, the small investment I made into those gives is paying off.  All have booked me for holiday prints this year, and one referred a new client.  

Nations Photo prints these