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Tyler Otis commented on Lauren Martin's photo 1 minute ago

Incredible shot. I love how you were able to capture the texture of the rock walls. It almost looks as though they're moving!

Buckskin Slot Canyon

Tyler Otis liked Lauren Martin's photo 2 minutes ago

Sarah Ramirez replied to the topic 'Do you think we have seen the best that photography has to offer?' in the forum. 5 minutes ago

Not even close! Just think of the advancements in technology in the last 15-20 years, then think about the possibilities 15-20 years from now. So exciting!


Sarah Ramirez replied to the topic 'Photographing a wedding with ONLY a drone?' in the forum. 8 minutes ago

I agree with Peter. I think a drone could be useful for a second shooter but I would never use a drone exclusively for my wedding shots. The addition of aerial shots would provide a really unique perspective of the day though!


Sarah Ramirez replied to the topic 'Best way to safely clean lens and camera electronic connectors?' in the forum. 13 minutes ago

Joe Peterson wrote:

I use a pencil eraser.  This is what was told to me by B&H rep some time ago. 



Sarah Ramirez replied to the topic 'How do you know when it's time to replace your camera?' in the forum. 17 minutes ago

Gus wrote:

I'd add that if your skills exceed your camera's capabilities that it might be time for an upgrade.

I'm with Gus on this one. :)


Kelly Cook replied to the topic 'Street photographers...' in the forum. 26 minutes ago

  1. If I were rich, an Olympus PEN-F.
  2. If the shot is close, and they are standing around, yes.  But that is not common, usually I take crowd shots, or the subject is just walking by.
  3. No.  My shots never see much of an audience.


That's great news.....congrats!


Kelly Cook replied to the topic 'What megapixel is enough for you?' in the forum. 33 minutes ago

My 50D has 15Mp.  That has been more than enough.



Lauren Martin shared a photo. 54 minutes ago

Scott Ditzel created a new topic ' Sparkleberry' in the forum. 55 minutes ago

A Blueberry relative ( note the similar blossom shape)

27195828371_4001dbf9be_c.jpg Sparkleberry by Scott , on Flickr