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Stan replied to the topic 'RAW files are going to be phased out by camera manufactures' in the forum. 14 hours ago

Joves wrote:

Conner wrote:
Screamin Scott wrote:
Anythings possible. I know they are working on a new JPEG file that is lossless unlike the current version. That is still in development though & even if it were ready, it would still take awhile for a new file format to be rolled out into new cameras....

So the new JPEG is meant to replace RAW you think?  Or could it just turn into a 'preferred' format.  

The developers are hoping it will become the new standard. The whole talk of it being the new latest, and greatest has been going on for years. If anything they will go with a single RAW standard like DNG, or another. They could technically go to TIFF, but in reality it has some limitations compared to a RAW data file, but is closer to RAW than Jpeg, and other formats are. Where ever that rumor came from is just that a rumor. I have been hoping for a good single RAW format for far too many years to believe it will happen.

well just don't hold your breath


Stan replied to the topic 'Good deal or not?' in the forum. 14 hours 6 minutes ago

Why are they selling it?