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Paris replied to the topic 'Word association game.' in the forum. 1 minute ago

Maureen Young created a new topic ' Whats the widest you'll shoot in weddings?' in the forum. 3 minutes ago

Most of the time, I'm shooting at 50mm+, however I have recently started to experiment with <24mm.   Shooting between 15mm and 24mm from the dance floor as an example.  It takes the right moment and of course lighting, however doesn't look to bad.  

I'm interested to know if any of you are shooting this wide on your weddings or corporate events you are shooting? 


Frisco Wensloff replied to the topic 'Getting wet shiny look from using Photoshop?' in the forum. 7 minutes ago

I would have done the same.  Things happen for a reason, I feel bad for the poor sap that takes on this client.  I can see this being a person that you do a stand up job and they still leave a negative review. 


Paris replied to the topic 'How far will you drive for photography gigs?' in the forum. 18 minutes ago

Ruby Grace wrote:

60-70 miles, which equals to an hours drive is about it.  Unless it's a destination wedding. 

About the same for me


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Carry replied to the topic 'Gated' in the forum. 20 minutes ago

This reminds me of a farm that was around the corner from where I lived growing up


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