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Barbara created a new topic ' State Fair' in the forum. 43 minutes ago

 I am so excited!!!! I got two of my photos accepted to the Washington State Fair!!!!


Randy A. Myers replied to the topic 'Hummingbird Moths' in the forum. 2 hours 12 minutes ago

Good job!!


Nathan created a new topic ' Possible making money with model photography work?' in the forum. 2 hours 17 minutes ago

I'm looking around at different areas of photography I can focus on.  I've not done model photography before and just wondering, is there a good business model there?  Demanding enough to make a good business?  

Thanks PT 


Dennis replied to the topic 'How did you get your start as a photographer?' in the forum. 2 hours 21 minutes ago

My grandfather noticed that I took an interest in it, and gave me one of his 120 cameras. You had to focus, and could set the aperture, but the shutter was one speed. That was when I was nine, ever since then I have been ruined.


Justin Schmidt shared a photo. 2 hours 22 minutes ago

Dennis replied to the topic 'Renting studio space, need advice on square footage' in the forum. 2 hours 27 minutes ago

The most important thing to me would be ceiling height as opposed to floor footage, as most places you would be renting would have adequate space. Well unless you are renting a closet. Ideally 10+feet for the lid would be nice.


Oh great kitty is here.  


Dennis replied to the topic 'How is this photographer doing this?' in the forum. 2 hours 31 minutes ago

Underwater is how they are done. This leaves you all sorts of strange possible captures. If you have the right model who knows how to move, and then stop at the correct moments then you have other parts catching up, or being ahead of the movement. But I would ask them.


Dennis replied to the topic 'Tricky model release question when dealing with tribes?' in the forum. 2 hours 37 minutes ago

No you do not need a MRF if it ends up in a magazine. That would be considered as journalistic use. Now if you wanted to advertise for something commercial, then that is entirely different. Most of the tours there are what are called eco-tours, and many of the tribes merely act as if they still live the way they have for eons.


Mike commented on gabislegrova's photo 2 hours 42 minutes ago

Such a cool shot

The other side

Mike created a new topic ' How is this photographer doing this?' in the forum. 2 hours 46 minutes ago

Dang, there are some great photographers uploading shots here.  

I was looking at this guys work today.  And wondering, are these shots possible out of camera?  Meaning look at the curl on her dress here:

Then this one she looks so perfect like she is pushing off the surface  

How are these shots getting done?  


Rocky liked gabislegrova's photo 2 hours 50 minutes ago