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11 Photo-Sharing Features of the Sony Cyper-shot HX 30 Digital Camera

  1. DSCHX30V image No doubt, the new Sony Cyper-shot HX 30 Digital Camera was designed and built for ease of use and convenience with its compact size, but what will draw the most attention is its Wi-Fi sharing capabilities. It’s the first camera in Sony’s new line-up of compacts with this feature. Not only can you upload photos and videos directly to social media sites, but also Android and iOS devices, such as smartphones, tablets or laptops. You’ll be able to share your fun, travels and adventures with family and friends in real-time, instead of waiting until you arrive home.

  1. Of course, you want to share high-quality digital photos and video with everyone, so the picture-taking guts of the Cyper-shot HX30 is a 18.2-megapixel Exmor® R CMOS sensor. Sony has advanced the processing capabilities of the sensor, so it pushes digital noise levels as much as 6 times lower than many other sensors. Combined with an ISO sensitivity range of 100–12,800, the HX30 will reproduce sharp, detailed images, even when the light is quite low.

  1. Sony’s exceptional G lens has a 20x optical zoom range, or 25–500mm in 35mm format. The Cyper-shot HX 30 digital camera takes it one step farther with Sony’s “Clear Image Zoom” technology. It doubles the 20x optical zoom to 40x without the typical electronic cropping. Instead, “Clear Image Zoom” reads the arrangements of bordering pixels and creates new pixels to match those arrangements, giving your photos more sharpness and natural look.

  1. Who wants to share blurry images? You won’t with the Cyper-shot HX 30’s Optical SteadyShot image stabilization function. It provides more comprehensive reduction of camera shake, horizontally and vertically, when shooting handheld in low light. It includes what Sony calls “3-way Active Mode,” which controls the circular movement of the camera that is often what happens in unsteady hands. This is particularly helpful when recording video at long focal lengths.

  1. Neither will you have to worry about missing the important photos you want to share with others. The Cyper-shot HX 30 records as many as 10 frames per second; and those pictures are at 18.2-MP resolution.

  1. People will also be happy you are able to share 1080/60p Full-HD video in AVCHD format. Plus, the dual-record feature allows you to shoot stills and movies, simultaneously.

  1. What also makes it easy to capture every must-have pictures is the HX 30’s Intelligent Scene Recognition Mode. The camera has been pre-programmed with 33 different kinds of scenes, which the camera matches to what it is viewing, and then selects the proper exposure, focus and other settings.

  1. Smile Shutter technology works similarly. Select this mode and the camera recognizes when your subject is smiling and takes the pictures. This technology works so well that it can distinguish between the smile of an adult and a child, so you don’t miss the little ones’ happy faces.

  1. You also won’t find yourself shooting multiple pictures of people because he or she blinked, or one person in a group photo blinked. The Sony Cyper-shot HX 30 has an anti-blink function. Select Soft Snap and this function records two images, but only retains the one without blinking or excessive squinting.

  1. Your family and friends will want to know the location of your photos and video, which is why Sony built the Cyper-shot HX 30 with a GPS unit and compass. You can tag each image with location data and share your travels either with Map View in “PlayMemories Home” software or on Google Earth.

  1. As of the writing of this PhotographyTalk article, the Sony Cyper-shot HX 30 digital camera was available for pre-order from B&H Photo Video. The camera is scheduled to ship on May 9, 2012. The Sony Web site has the camera priced at $419.99. For more information, visit

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