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The Leica X2 Digital Camera: For the Pure Joy of the Essential Photography Experience

leica_x2_img22107 image Leica invented and introduced the first 35mm camera during 1925, the Leica A. Since then, the company has been focused solely on designing and manufacturing finely tuned “instruments,” so photographers (and now digital photographers) are able to pursue their passion to report visually on the events in their world, and as they see them.

The company introduced the Leica’s X2 digital compact camera during early May 2012, making it the next model in Leica’s X series lineup. The X2 features a newly developed, APS-C format, high quality CMOS 16.2-megapixel sensor, the precision of a Leica Elmarit 24mm f/2.8 ASPH lens and a 2.7” 230,000-pixel LCD screen.

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The Leica X2 is the camera that puts the classic photojournalistic tools in your hands. The camera’s 24mm lens is the equivalent of 36mm in 35mm film format; and film was the medium of the world’s great photojournalists when they captured 20th century history with both the A, and then M, Systems. Just like those photojournalists, you can share your reportage of the history in your life with the Leica X2, except it’s with a different medium: digital imagery and social media.

The Leica X2 mirrors the retro-look of the famous M-System cameras, but in a compact and very portable size. Either the muted black or sleek silver body is a unique camera for any photographer who finds the Leica look timeless. The exterior design presents the well known understated style of the classic Leica, but the X2 operates and performs with the most up-to-date digital technology. German engineering and manufacturing are revered for their excellent design and construction of precision instruments, which is how they treat a Leica camera. The X2 many be compact, but its built with Leica quality standards for the use of all metal in the camera body complemented with leather-style accents. This superior grade of material is very durable, capable of taking heavy-duty use. It has a patterned surface that makes for a tight hand and finger grip.

With its easy operation and settings menu, the Leica X2’s functionality and many capabilities are quickly accessible. With a Leica X2, you’ll move from manual to automatic operation and back again with little effort, so you can focus on all that is happening around you and creating the imagery that will tell a story worth knowing. You’ll find it is easy for your fingers to reach naturally for the well-designed dials and other controls located on the top plate. You’ll quickly learn the exact feel for accurately setting shutter speed, aperture, white balance and other functions as well as adjusting the focus point for more creative photos. The 2.7” LCD display presents a wide field of view, so very few of the history-making moments in your world every escape your eye, and the Leica X2. Details pop from the LCD surface and the screen is designed to provide a clear view even in strong light.

The size (in terms of megapixels) of the CMOS sensor on the Leica X2 helps to prove a point about digital photography that is quickly becoming clearer: the number of megapixels is virtually irrelevant. This doesn’t mean they are not important to the digital capture and creation of an image, but that almost all digital cameras, of any size, have enough megapixels in the sensor to record photos that are highly acceptable to virtually all photographers.

The Leica X2 also helps to support the concept that it’s the size of pixel that is more important. Their above-average size in the X2 translates into a sensor that is capable of gathering more light, which, in turn, results in very little noise, an excellent high dynamic range and precisely rendered colors.

Among other features of the new Leica X2 digital compact camera that are important to note, the autofocus system has been upgraded to aid you in the many photography environments you’ll find yourself. You won’t miss much with the quick, accurate and virtually noiseless focusing. With an ISO sensitivity range of 100–12,500, you’ll also be able to record the world as you see it in many low-light situations.

Leica is expected to release the new X2 digital compact camera during early June 2012. Until then, it is available for pre-order from B&H Photo Video for $1,995.00 here.

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