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SKB iSeries Cases: Simply the Best Solution to Protect and Transport Valuable Pro Photography and Video Equipment

iSeries 1914 Pro DSLR Case image Since SKB Corporation manufactured its first guitar case during 1977, musicians and hundreds of companies in a diversity of industries have come to rely on the superior design and build quality of SKB cases. As SKB was able to satisfy the exacting demands of musicians to protect not only the instruments with which they make a living, but also vintage and rare instruments that simply can’t be replaced, the company expanded its product line to serve the military and many industries, including health care, consumer sports, electronics and professional audio and video producers.

Much of SKB’s success is based on its continuous research into the transport needs of these industries, as their business sectors evolve and they create new equipment to remain competitive. Most recently, the people at SKB have been aware of the development of new digital cinema cameras that have revolutionized the way professional videographers create video programs for business, documentaries and even the production of major motion pictures. The cameras have become smaller and lighter, but also packing advanced technology, such as 4K resolution. They still require a substantial investment, costing upwards of tens of thousands of dollars.

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SKB saw a need to be fulfilled, so during November 2012, it announced an expansion of its iSeries of injection-molded, waterproof hard cases with custom interiors for the next generation of professional photography and video cameras. These include:

  • Pro DSLR (3i-19148DSLR)
  • Compact DSLR (3i-0907-6SLR)
  • Canon C300 (3i-2217-10C30)
  • Sony PMW-F3 (3i-221710PMW)
  • JVC GY-HM750 (3i-221712JV7)
  • Red ScarletX (3i-22178REDS)
  • Panasonic HPX370 (3i-291814370)

SKB also offers a combo case with removable foam blocks that can hold either the Sony PMW-F3 or Panasonic AG-AC160PJ (3i-221710F3P).

What makes the newly configured iSeries cases superior to all other comparative products is the same incredible attention to detail that has made SKB the first—and only—choice of musicians and others who won’t compromise on total protection of their instruments, delicate devices and other absolutely essential equipment.

It’s not just that SKB uses an ultra high-strength, polypropylene copolymer resin to inject mold its iSeries cases, but the company has been an innovator during the last three decades in developing the methods and tools for the case-making process. Another important part of the iSeries design philosophy is creating cases that not only provide excellent protection from impacts, but also the encroachment of the environment, virtually any environment, where videographers or photographers are shooting. The exterior of every one of these iSeries cases is UV, solvent, corrosion and fungus resistant. The interior space is made waterproof, dustproof and submersible with a high quality gasket and automatic ambient pressure equalization valve.

Equipment protection doesn’t stop there, however. SKB has been equally diligent with the design of how the lid secures to the body of each case. Stainless-steel hinges are molded into the plastic of each piece. All that security is not at the cost of convenience, as the latch system opens and closes easily with a patented “trigger release” mechanism; plus, the snap-down, rubber over-molded handles are cushioned for comfortable use. SKB also knew that photo and video equipment must be rolled long distances through airports and across a variety of terrains to shooting locations, so many of iSeries cases are outfitted with roller blade-style wheels and a retractable handle that securely locks in position. SKB applied all it has learned manufacturing cases for military applications by including stainless-steel locking loops that provide an additional level of security with a padlock you provide.

Superior design and manufacturing was not enough for the people at SKB. Their iSeries cases are typically 20%-30% lighter than the competitors. They also have had their iSeries cases independently tested, so they know…and you know…each case is 2½ times stronger than competitive brands, and capable of withstanding more extreme temperatures.

There are 26 different sizes of iSeries cases to accommodate your specific equipment configuration with interiors of cubed ELE foam, layered foam and moveable grey-padded dividers. For example, the carton dimensions of the iSeries case for the Panasonic HPX370 is 32.75 x 21.13 x 16.75” (83.19 x 53.66 x 42.55cm) with interior dimensions of 29 x 18 x 15” (73.66 x 45.72 x 35.56cm). This case weighs 30 lbs. (13.61g) or 33 lbs. (14.97kg) for shipping.

Maybe, the best protection SKB offers you and your valuable video equipment is its no-fault Million Mile Guaranty™ or Lifetime Warranty.

SKB iSeries transport cases for video and audio equipment are available from various retailers. B&H Photo Video offers the iSeries Canon C300 Video Camera Case for $359.99. For more information and other retailers, please visit