Formatt Hitech Firecrest Ken Kaminesky Signature Edition Master Kit


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Best Complete Filter Kit

Grade (Out of ten)

Clarity : 10
Durability : 9
Price : 7
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Digital photography has eliminated the need for a number of different filters, but three remain irreplaceable: polarizers, neutral density filters and graduated neutral density filters. The Formatt Hitech Firecrest Ken Kaminesky set puts all three into a single, well-built filter system. The kit includes three NDs, two soft edge grads and a circular polarizing filter.

As a complete filter set, each of the included filters can be layered to create different effects, such as a darker neutral density filter or a long exposure with both NDs and a grad for the sky. Unlike many filter holder systems, even the square filters can be rotated 360 degrees, so if you want to use those grads on something that's not the sky, it's not an issue. The set also keeps the Formatt Hitech tradition of both durability and solid image quality. The muted colors of cheap filters aren't part of this set and the NDs also filter out infrared light, offering a truer black.

While the Firecrest is a complete set, it's definitely a high-end kit, which means the price is up there. Like many high-end products, there are fakes on the market, so make sure to buy from an authorized reseller. But, for pros that need all three filter types, this Formatt Hitech gets it done beautifully.


  • All-in-one versatile filter system
  • Sturdy filter holder designed to prevent light leaks
  • 360 degree filter rotation


  • Pricey
  • Screw-in filter can be tricky to get on and off
  • Filter Specs:

    • Availiable Sizes : 77mm
    • Density : Firecrest Neutral Density (3, 6 and 10) and Firecrest Neutral Density Soft Edge Grad (0.6 and 0.9), 105mm Firecrest Polarizer
    • Construction : N/A
    • Multi-coated : Firecrest Coating
    • Other : Circular Polarizing Filter