White Balance

White Balance This is a setting that helps you control the accuracy of the colors of your photos. Without setting the white balance correctly, your digital photos can appear to be lightly saturated with an orange, blue or yellow tinge. That happens because you shoot digital pictures with various light sources


Infinity This is setting at one end of the distance scale on a lens. It is a symbol that looks like the numeral 8 on its side. At that setting, the farthest object or background in your photo will be in focus.


IEEE-1284 Technical configuration of a high-speed, bidirectional parallel port found on Windows PCs, and typically the connection to printers.

Hyperfocal Focusing

Hyperfocal Focusing This is a technique that will help you manipulate and extend the depth of field in certain pictures, such as a landscape, so the entire depth of the picture appears to be in focus. You use a combination of an f-stop and the infinity symbol on the distance scale of a lens to set hyperfocal...

Hot Shoe

Hot Shoe This is the place on the top of your camera where you attached an external flash unit. When properly seated, the unit makes a 'hot' connection to the camera's electronics, so the light flashes when you release the shutter.


Histogram When you select 'histogram' from the menu of your camera, you'll see the image you want to photograph, with date, time, exposure settings and other information. Next to the image is the histogram graph. It shows you the black to gray to white tones of your picture in a vertical range. The...