Evaluative or Matrix Light Metering

Evaluative or Matrix Light Metering Typically, you'll only find this metering mode on DSLR cameras that include a number of metering choices. Evaluative metering is the most sophisticated technology. Not only does it take meter readings across your entire picture, but also searches a database of thousands of pictures and finds the...


EXIF This is an acronym for 'Exchangeable Image File.' This is the exposure information that is included as part of the JPG file of your digital photos.

Expanded Auto Focus Point

Expanded Auto Focus Point Some DSLR cameras have this setting that makes the auto focus point space bigger. A moving object doesn't need to be in the exact center of the focus point to take the shot you want.

Exposure Combinations

Exposure Combinations Because shutter speed and aperture numbers are doubled or halved of the next numbers on those scales, you can cause the same amount of light to enter your camera at more than one combination of aperture and shutter speed settings. For example, a properly exposed picture under certain conditions...

Extension Tube

Extension Tube This is a lens enclosure without any glass elements. You attach an extension tube to your camera and then the lens to the end of the tube. This device allows you to be nearer the subject and remain in focus. An extension tube is often used for macro photography.

FAT32 File System

FAT32 File System Some older designs of DSLR cameras are 'FAT32 Enabled.' This is the latest file system for digital cameras and memory cards. This system was updated, so it could handle the massive data capacity of newer memory cards. FAT32 is now a standard feature of all digital cameras.