Fill Light

Fill Light The fill light is a secondary source to the key, or main, light. The fill light fills the lighting 'gaps' of the key light, softening the direct shadows it causes and balancing the contrast, so it's visible, but subtler.


FireWire High-end DSLR cameras and digital camcorders transfer data with this high-speed interface, which is also known as the IEEE 1394 protocol.


Firmware The ROM-based software in all PCs, digital cameras and other computer-based products include this micro program. Updates are provided regularly to address any bugs and improve the firmware's functionality.

Fisheye Lens

Fisheye Lens This is an extreme variation of a wide-angle lens. A common wide-angle lens size is 20mm, while a fisheye lens is typically 8mm to 10mm. A fisheye lens creates a rounded image that shows the area in front of, to the side of and even a bit behind the camera.


Flash The flash may be built into your camera, as it is on most compact digital cameras; or it may be a separate lighting unit that you purchase and then attach to your camera.