Flip LCD

Flip LCD This is a flexible LCD viewfinder on a digital camera that is 'flipped' from the camera into various positions. A photographer can still compose an image and take a picture from an unusual angle.

Focus Assist

Focus Assist When you try to take a picture in low light or virtually darkness, your camera, if it has this feature, emits regular or infrared light toward the subject, so the camera can see enough of the subject for the auto-focus to work correctly.

Four-Thirds System

Four-Thirds System Olympus and Kodak created this DSLR photography technology for newer camera bodies and interchangeable lenses that makes them fully digital. This technology is resulting in DSLR camera and lens that are smaller, such as low-cost compact digital cameras.


Gamma This is a term that represents a picture's contrast level. A high gamma measurement is high contrast and a low reading is low contrast.


Geotagging A geotag is information about the location, time and altitude of each photo. That data is part of each digital image. A digital camera and a GPS (global positioning system) unit are connected to collect the geotag data.

Gigabyte (GB)

Gigabyte (GB) One gigabyte equals approximately one billion bytes of stored data (photos, video, words, art, etc.) 'Giga' comes from the Greek word, gigas, or giant.

Gimbal-Headed Tripod

Gimbal-Headed Tripod A tripod with a gimbal head moves more freely to provide additional angles, which can make it easier to shoot certain kinds of photos, such as wildlife or objects in motion.