Lithium ION (Li-ion)

Lithium ION (Li-ion) An alternative power source that is typically rechargeable as a complete battery pack for some digicams. Although Lithium ION batteries cost more than NiCad batteries, they offer many advantages

Lens Wide-Angle

Lens Wide-Angle A wide-angle lens is any lens with a focal length smaller than what is standard for the camera format. For most digital cameras, 50mm is the standard length, so a 35mm lens would be considered wide angle.

Lens Hood

Lens Hood This is an optional piece of equipment that can be plastic or metal. It is attached to the end of a lens to reduce or eliminate lens flare or other unwanted intrusion of light that may appear on your pictures.

Lens Focal length

Lens Focal length This is expressed in millimeters and represents the field of view of a camera lens. It is the distance between the focal plane and the rear nodal point of the lens, at infinity focus. For example, a 50mm lens has a wider view than a 100mm lens.

Lens Flare

Lens Flare This is an unwanted reflection of light that you may see in the viewfinder or not until you view your picture. A lens hood will help you reduce or eliminate lens flare.