Why do photographers need insurance?

Can you imagine having something happen to your photography business or camera gear? What if you found out you didn’t have the right coverage? The truth to this realization, is that it happens all the time (See articles below). Whether you’re a serious amateur or hard-working professional photographer, you must have adequate and specialized insurance coverage for your equipment and business to minimize the interruption to your creativity and revenue streams.

That’s why PhotographyTalk.com is introducing this Insurance Section, where you’ll find all the detailed information you need to make smart decisions about the right insurance.

    • How to choose what insurance coverage you need.
    • Why you shouldn’t rely on your homeowner’s insurance.
    • The right coverage to protect you from accidents and other liabilities.
    • Protecting you and your clients when files are lost or damaged.
    • How to help your insurance provider do a better job for you.
    • Horror stories of the foolish mistakes photographers have made and the accidents that occurred and how they affect insurance claims.

We encourage you to read all the insurance articles listed on this page thoroughly. You’ll learn all you need to know, so you can stay focused on your photography and not be worried about your equipment being damaged or stolen or your business being jeopardized. If you looking for recommendations, there are some options. PhotographyTalk recommends the folks at Package Choice. One point that really stands out about Package Choice, is that they focus on photography. Not cars, not boats, nor tractors or airplanes… just photography. And they do it well!



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