Location:   Westmead Sydney NSW
Hi all Im an Aussie based is Inverness Scotland, if you want to shoot the highlands then im your man, contact me via my web site at or email via [email protected] I mainly like shooting land scape and on occasions i shoot in my studio doing portrait work.I use the Nikon D800 D810 platform, and have Nikkor Zeiss and sigma lenes.My filters are Lee with a couple of B+W screw in NDs.see my work at Im 59 single fit enough to still get to most places and love the adventure and travel that photography gives me. cheers donnnnnny. Nature never stops amazing me with her wonderful secrets. I am very unhappy about the amount of plastic i find everywhere, even in remote locations. Do we accept plastic wrappers to easily??When i was a kid inLondon in late 50s and 60s there was no such thing, Fish and chips came in newspaper frit and veg was tipped into a string bag and milk came via an electric float and was in glass. go figure!!!!!!!!!
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