Location:   livermore ca
I'm a retired Electronics engineer. I have been into photography for several years but like many people my career had to take first place, Being an engineer in SIlicon Valley means lots of hours every week so I really wasn't able to devote the time to photography I wanted to. Now I have that time and and am enjoying it. I am primarily interested in landscape and nature , but truly enjoy it all. I am trying to move a bit more into street photography but honestly find it a bit intimidating, I'll have to get over that. OH yes, I have about 20 to one pictures of my grand kids than anything else. Funny how that happens. I tried Photographytalk a few years ago and posted some shots but didn't truly take part as I wanted to. I am looking forward to posting and receiving comments from everyone, and they don't have to all positive. I found that I learn from my failures as well as successes.
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