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Francis replied to the topic 'Switchpod DSLR stabilised tripod?' in the forum. 3 weeks ago

garyrhook wrote: The B&H listing claims a payload of 100lbs. That's a lot.

Tipping depends upon the center of gravity. Most of us put the lens over a leg to get extra support.

100lbs?  No kidding that seems really high for that. 


Francis created a new topic ' Will Megapixel price mature the same way RAM memory price has?' in the forum. 3 weeks ago

Interesting thought when you look back at how certain things in technology has evolved price wise.  Using RAM as a good example.  10-15 years ago RAM cost was super high.  Now technology has evolved making it easier and cheaper to make RAM, and the price reflects it much more favorably for the consumer. 

Could see the same with megapixels?


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