Mike K PT+
Location:   Los Angeles California
Hello, my name is Mike Khdrlaryan. I am a Fashion / Event / Landscape photographer based out of Los Angeles, CA carrying 10+ years of experience. The Merriam Webster Dictionary defines photography as, “the art or process of producing images.” I believe, with every inch of my being and fiber, in the art of photography. This passion of mine drives me to produce images via the means of a technological medium that can only be described as ART. For years I have been studying various techniques of photography to further my knowledge of the art. It is only with patience and pure passion that one can become a photographer, and I have both patience and passion that allow me to pursue photography in a way that many have forsaken, with passion and perseverance. I view life through my lens, everything has beauty, everything has meaning. The viewfinder of my camera allows me to explore a world that the human eye cannot see, a world full of possibilities and beauty.
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