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Janet replied to the topic 'Acrylic print company that will ship to Hawaii?' in the forum. 4 weeks ago

Most companies that print will be happy to ship to where ever.  Just once you get to a certain size, you really want to make sure that they package your print up safe for the journey.  Seems like a no brainer huh?  Well some companies will still skimp on packaging supplies to save a few bucks.   When you are talking about a long trip like to Hawaii, that could end bad.  Then you have the hassle of dealing with it heading back.  How large is the print you are looking at?  

If I can suggest Nevada Art Printers.  They are a little bit more on price, but their work and how they ship is amazing.  


Janet created a new topic ' Need advice on lighting for event photography and video' in the forum. 4 weeks ago

I've been doing more event photography gigs lately where I'm shooting video for the client as well.   This week I have 2 Halloween gigs where one of my clients wants me to bring lighting that will look like lightning.   Which I have not a clue how I'll pull that one off.  

With the video work, I need something that I can bring with me to these locations, needs to be powerful and where I can change color and light temperature.   I was looking at lights like the Aputure 120d which I see a lot of you talking about.  However that is a little big, then I would need gels for it. 

I guess at this point, I'm hoping for some recommendations that will help make this decision. 

OK, I need to run off and take my kids to get Halloween outfits.   Thank you 


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