Location:   a small coastal town 300km north of Sydney, Australia
I'm a work-retired Aussie, mad photographer since the 1950s and currently use all Panny equipment ... tho over the years I have used heaps of other brands for both film and digital stuff. I enjoy chatting with people about photography to world events ... "Phil" Historically - my first film SLR was a Pentax back in the mid 1960s, followed over the next40 yrs by various others along with a bevy of lenses. I found Tamron lenses suited me very nicely and stayed with them along the way In 2003 I went digital - and I had the dilemma of an expensive 6mpx SLR at about $5000 incl 2 lenses or a 6mpx fixed-lens superzoom covering 35 to 420mm film camera equiv for $1000 ... so I went for the superzoom and have never regretted the decision to abandon big heavy SLRs I took a 3-month trip across eastern Australia up to the world famous Kakadu NP - exclusively with the new superzoom. When I returned back home I donated all the film cameras [2-SLRs] plus 4 lenses, plus accessories to the local art college for their students to use SInce then I have upgraded my superzooms - concentrating on good lens before qty of pixels and now shoot with the Panasonic FZ-200 with its wonderful Leica lens of F2,8 constant aperture zoom. Imagine it - a 24mm to 600mm film camera equivalent with an F2,8 max aperture! I take it to theatres, low light places and shoot at F2,8 and no one knows it's there as it's silent. Wonderful!
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