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Post gone thread.  Late night of doing absolutely nothing.  Perhaps I'll go out for a walk.  Oh wait, I can't.  


Peter Nunez replied to the topic 'Why not Canon and Nikon manufacture in USA?' in the forum. 2 weeks ago

+1 agree, China just provides parts.  Japan is where all the magic happens for the most part.  I'm OK with Japan building of course, in the USA would likely be a lot more on the wallet.  Why mess with what is working.  What should be done is the world find alternative methods for parts vs China, I too am disappointed in China government and blind eye approach to this who situation.  It's time they start losing their power they hold over world manufactures.   


Peter Nunez created a new topic ' NiZn AA Batteries used in camera flash?' in the forum. 2 weeks ago

I just learned about these NiZn AA batteries that apparently carry a larger punch then most AA batteries that are 1.2v.  These are 1.6v and when you fully charge them can charge up to 1.9v.  So can these be used in our flashes?  

Thank you


Peter Nunez replied to the topic '07:31' in the forum. 2 weeks ago

Agree, very good shots, for me it's hard to pick favorites as there are a few that stand out for me.  The #2 that was already selected and for the same reasons.  I like #3 and the last one because it looks like they are orcastors and getting ready to conduct a symphony.  #5 shows the grandness of their wing span, with #6 having that heart composition with their bodies.  Well done! 

The title was intriguing as well, which caused me to click.   


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