Location:   Christchurch Canterbury
When you think of the innate natural beauty of New Zealand, you’re probably envisioning one of Rob Dickinson's’ stunning images. Specializing in landscapes and seascapes from around the south island, Rob is an expat from the UK who is smashing the NZ photography scene. He is a man with a radiant desire to expand his knowledge of techniques in photography, served up with a side of inspiration and blended well with enthusiasm to deliver just the right recipe for his award winning images. In 2011, he won the most coveted prize; New Zealand Geographic's Landscape Photographer of the Year, an accolade which continues to motivate him every day. His passion for the outdoors is unwavering and his images speak a gentle intimacy and respect for the natural world. Of the many hundreds of places that he has shot around New Zealand, he will tell you that his favourite subjects are the brilliantly star-studded night skies and the deep rolling ocean on the many shores of his island. When he is not behind the camera, Rob can be found riding the ocean on his board or making quick-work of the downhill mountains on his bike.
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