Location:   Jomtien Chon Buri
Photography has always been my passion and is now an obsession. I’ve had the privilege to shoot with and study under world famous photographers; Joel Sartore a veteran photographer for the National Geographic magazine and environmentalist, Gavin Gough a world renowned travel photographer and humanitarian, Lee Craker a war journalist and cover photographer for National Geographic, and lately Dennie Codie, a photographer working out of Bangkok. Award winning photographers Gett and Kevin Lj from Chiang Mai, friends Yb Shadowman and นาวัน คนใจดี from around Loei, Hong Sar from Myramar and many others who are all professional stock photographers to which I owe everyone a debt of gratitude. All have provided me with inspiration, direction and encouragement. Each have had a positive impact on my craft, my passion, my art. I thank you all.
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