Margo Taussig Pinkerton PT+
Location:   Hillsborough NC
Margo coined the phrase, "I cannot NOT do photography," using the double negative advisedly. When she and Arnie joined forces, he quickly adopted it, too! Arnold “Arnie” Zann and Margo Taussig Pinkerton are a married team of working fine-art photographers whose images have been widely published in most major domestic and international magazines. They live in Hillsborough, North Carolina. In addition to their broad range of assignment work, both Margo and Arnie have shot extensively for stock images that have appeared in international advertising, corporate, and editorial venues. Now retired from commercial and editorial work, Arnie and Margo concentrate on their fine-art photography as well as run Barefoot Contessa Photo Adventures with its tag line, “Seek your own vision, and create great photos!” Join the many who keep returning for what they call "the Marnie show!" For more information on them, see
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Autumn on the Outer Banks

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