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You’re not like everybody else. Your style is unique.

At Photographytalk we recognise that everybody has their own unique photography style. And you should celebrate that. After all, diversity of style is what makes photography so interesting.


To be a great photographer (not merely a “good” one), you need to master the technical elements, learn the skills, understand the various settings and effects, and have an expert set of tricks up your sleeve.

The good news is - anyone can learn the knowledge and skills required to elevate them to an expert level of photography.

But if you go down the traditional routes of college courses, night classes or even learning from YouTube videos, it will take a long, long time. And at the end of it all there’s no guarantee that the advice you’re getting is correct.

That’s why we’ve painstakingly built a huge collection of lessons, courses and resources here at Photographytalk

that is entirely based on sound advice and expertise from professional photographers.

At the last count there were more than 600 pro lessons in our collection, as well as 14 full ebooks of priceless photography tips and tricks.

Although that may sound like an overwhelming amount to take in, we’ve created them with busy people in mind. They are all neatly categorized by topic and level, so you can focus straight in on the skills you need. In other words, you can follow what we like to describe as an “accelerated learning” route to photography mastery.

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So, if you’re a complete novice you can study the “nuts and bolts” and build your skills up quickly from there.

You’ll notice big differences in the quality of your photographs right from the get-go.

Equally, if you’re at an intermediate level you can focus in on the game-changing knowledge that will begin to ramp up your skills. You’ll soon be producing impressive photos that you’ll be proud to show off.

And if you’re already approaching an expert level, we’ve got lots of material that will help you add the finishing touches and put the shine on your photos, as well as developing advanced skills. You’ll be at a pro level before you know it.

No matter what level you’re at - there’s one thing that’s guaranteed.

You’ll find plenty of inspiration and motivation when you’re part of the Photographytalk community.

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Your ticket to photography perfection

So, you’ve always dreamed of creating masterpieces.

You know, those photos that just ooze quality. They’re perfect. They speak to your soul.We believe that absolutely anybody can create those kind of photos, with a bit of effort and the right kind of help. Our Prestige Membership is the best way to achieve that level of photography.


To put it simply - you get access to every resource we’ve ever created here at Photographytalk, all the expert lessons and books, plus much, much more.

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"The good news? PT+ PRO puts an end to all your photography troubles."


-Raymond Griggin, Photographer

Why choose Prestige?

Let’s take a more detailed look at what you get…

Display your work like a pro with a free .photo domain for one year
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Get 150+ Pro Lightroom Premium presets for FREE
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Skyrocket your skills with 600+ expert lessons
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Store high-quality photos in the cloud with 2TB of online storage
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Get in-depth knowledge from 14+ full ebooks
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Never run out of space to showcase your work with unlimited uploads
Take advantage of a free $50 PT gift card

You will not find such a no brainer offer ANYWHERE else

If you want to become a professional level photographer, Prestige is the right choice for you. You’ll be getting first-class tuition from some extraordinary pro photographers. They will guide you every step of your journey. And it won’t be long before you’re creating masterpieces.

We’re so confident that you’re going to love the Prestige membership that we don’t mind offering a crazily long no-questions-asked money-back guarantee. That’s right - if you’re not entirely satisfied with the subscription we’ll send you a refund without hesitation.

In other words - you can try Prestige for 30 whole months, 100% risk-free! Even if you cancel, you still get to keep all of the free bonuses that come with PT+Prestige

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