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PT ON Demand is a premium resource made by photographers for photographers. That means when you enter PT ON Demand, you'll get everything you want to see... and none of what you don't. All of our resources (our premium lessons, articles, video tutorials and more) are exclusive to PT ON Demand. We've built the best possible website for photographers. Nothing is re-posted, resourced or simply "grabbed off of youtube" (like on some other Photography sites). It's all original, it's all top of the line and it's all yours with your prestigious membership.
Sure. Just sign up for your free trial. There's no-risk. You'll get 7 days of FULL access to PT ON Demand. Don't like it? It's no problem - you're protected by our amazing guarantee (so you won't spend a cent if you don't love it).
You'll get instant access to PT ON Demand - that means success interviews, our community, over 600+ premium lessons and courses. You'll get every benefit of the PT package YOU choose for the next 7 days. So which package suits you?
You can feel free to cancel either. Your membership is backed by a generous double-guarantee: you get BOTH a FREE 7-day trial and a 90-day money-back guarantee. There's no reason not to join. Are you a professional photographer or just someone who's passionate about the craft? Pick the package that best represents you and your goals.
Every package is tailored to suit a different photographer. Simply think of what kind of photographer you want to be - amateur, professional or passionate - and pick the plan that will take you there.
Our memberships break down to only a few cents a day (even the premium ones). For a fraction of the cost of the strap on your camera, you'll get the full membership experience that launches your photography to the next level.
No. You'll only be charged the price of the package you pick if you continue after the trial period.
Sometimes you sign up for a website and it doesn't work out. We get it. Firstly, we've refined our site to be YOUR best photography resource. Secondly, if you don't love it, you're protected by our double-guarantee.

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