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Top Tools for Content Creators Using Final Cut Pro X

top tools for content creators using final cut pro xPhoto by Avel Chuklanov on Unsplash

When you work on a car, having the right tools means the difference between getting the job done quickly or it being dragged out over a long period of time.

The same holds true for video production.

Working in Final Cut Pro X or any other video editor can be hugely time-consuming, particularly if you want to get really high production value (who doesn't want that?!).

Thankfully, there are loads of plugins for Final Cut Pro X and other programs that make life infinitely easier for content creators.

Here's just a few tools that I personally use and highly recommend. In each case, these plugins have proven to be enormously helpful in creating better content in less time.

Top Tools for Final Cut Pro X: LenoFX Info Revealer

LenoFX's Info Revealer allows you to insert information - titles, bulleted lists, logos, and so forth - into a reveal window that splits the video footage.

As you can see in the video above, the results are super slick and very professional-looking!

Learn more about LenoFX Info Revealer

LenoFX 100 Cursor Elements  

Sometimes, you just need to point out important things in your videos, and LenoFX's 100 Cursor Elements is the ideal tool to help you do that.

Chock-full of top-notch static and animated elements, this plugin is just what you need to add extra punch to your videos and help direct people's attention where you want it to go.

Learn more about LenoFX 100 Cursor Elements

mCallouts Simple 2

Like 100 Cursor Elements, mCallouts helps you draw attention to certain details in your videos.

The difference here, though, is that these callouts can be customized for size, shape, length, and so forth. They can also be set to track the detail as it moves across the screen. Nice!

Learn more about mCallouts Simple 2

Pixel Film Studios - ProDicator Selects

Yet another option for adding visually interesting callouts is ProDicator Selects.

This collection of 30 animated callouts has customizable text, customizable elements, and built-in motion tracking.

Learn more about ProDicator Selects

LenoFX Youtube Growth Tools

This awesome plugin by LenoFX gives you a suite of different tools that will help increase production value, and, in turn, draw more people to your YouTube channel.

YouTube growth tools includes calls to action, tags, likes, titles, openers, and much more.

Learn more about YouTube Growth Tools

Epidemic Sound

Great videos have great soundtracks, and for that, Epidemic Sound is the place to go.

They have a huge selection of music and sound bytes, and that selection grows by the day.

Learn more about Epidemic Sound

Colorista IV

Another must-have for video production is Colorista IV, which gives you manual control over the color grading of your video footage.

You can go through the software's recommendations, which I've tried, and they aren't bad at all. But having the manual control option is definitely nice.

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