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Best Teleprompters of 2019

Best Teleprompters of 2019

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No matter how much of an expert you are on a topic, if you’re making a video, a teleprompter will help you deliver your message much more effectively.

Teleprompters put the word-for-word message you want to get out right in front of your eyes. It’s like hand-delivering a precisely worded letter to your audience. 

Is using a teleprompter a guarantee that you won’t mess up? No. But the likelihood of you delivering a well-worded and passionate message is greatly increased when using one. 

You don’t have to have a giant teleprompter like what’s used on the evening news, either. In fact, there are many small, portable, and affordable options for vloggers and videographers today.

Let’s take a look at some of the best teleprompters on the market.

Best Teleprompters of 2019: mPrompter

mprompter 1

Even though this teleprompter by mPrompter isn’t going to be available until early in 2020, it still makes this list of the best teleprompters of 2019. Why?

That’s easy…

I’ve had my hands on a prototype model the last couple of months and have found that it’s highly portable for shooting video on the go and it’s extremely durable, so it can stand up to use and abuse while on-location or in the studio.

mprompter 2 best teleprompters of 2019

This rig has a stainless steel body and frame with a textured black coating to minimize reflections and glare.

It has a 3mm glass mirror with a 70/30% reflective coating, and the mirror is permanently attached and free floated in a protective stainless steel bezel.

mPrompter is compact and ideally suited for use with a smartphone, but it is adjustable to any kind of camera, so you can use it with your small mirrorless camera or your big DSLR too.

mprompter 3

This teleprompter was developed with bloggers in mind: it’s small, easy to set up (it takes less than a minute!), and comes with aluminum adapter rings to ensure it’ll work with your existing smartphone or camera.

On top of all that, mPrompter is affordable! It really is the best of all worlds - portable, easy to set up, durable, and easy on your pocketbook!

Learn more about the mPrompter teleprompter

Best Teleprompters of 2019: iKan PT-Elite-Pro

ikan elite pt pro 1 

Ikan’s PT-Elite-Pro teleprompter is specifically designed for larger tablets like the Apple iPad Pro, Microsoft Surface, and Samsung Galaxy tablets as well as any tablet from 6 x 9 inches to 9 x 12.

But even though it’s designed for larger tablets, it’s still an easy and quick setup to save you time. 

It features an adjustable, foldable glass frame, a quick-release base plate, and a much lighter design that makes it more portable than its predecessors.

ikan elite pt pro 2

In fact, the solid CNC machined aluminum construction makes it super lightweight so you can take it from the studio to locations in the field with ease. The custom foam hard case for carrying the teleprompter enhances its portability.

This unit has a 15mm rod base for versatility and ease of use, and includes an elite remote as well. 

The scientific-grade 70/30 teleprompter glass ensures high clarity and sharpness for an easy reading experience while the adjustability to various types of camera sizes makes it an excellent option whether you shoot with a DSLR, a mirrorless camera, or a video camera.

Learn more about the Ikan PT-Elite-Pro teleprompter

Best Teleprompters of 2019: Little Prompter

Another one of our favorite teleprompters of 2019 is the Little Prompter. 

As its name indicates, it's a compact teleprompter that you can use to deliver polished talking points to the camera no matter where you’re recording.

It’s a versatile setup that’s also easy to use, so you can use it with a wide range of cameras without having a long setup time.

This unit can be used with your smartphone, and when paired with a teleprompter app, the Little Prompter can operate with your computer’s built-in camera and microphone.

Little prompter can also easily pair with a mirrorless camera or DSLR, a webcam, or even a handycam.

The lightweight body measures just 6 x 6 x 6 inches and is made of durable expanded PVC. It has an adjustable tripod attachment support bar, spacers, and screws to give you versatile setup options. All these components are manufactured using 6061 aluminum for durability.

The teleprompter glass is made of high-quality 70/30 BeamSplitter glass that gives you beautiful sharpness and excellent transparency as well. 

This is just a smartly designed and well-made teleprompter that might just be the ideal fit for your teleprompter needs. 

Learn more about the Little Prompter teleprompter

Best Teleprompters of 2019: Padcaster Parrot

padcaster parrot 1

Next on our list of the best teleprompters of 2019 is the Padcaster Parrot, another multi-functional, affordable teleprompter. 

This teleprompter fully sets up in just a few minutes’ time, which makes it a solid choice for videographers that need to run and gun.

Just attach any camera system to the unit, insert your phone, and read the text that shows on the teleprompter. The companion Parrot app makes it super easy to set up.

padcaster parrot 2

Like the other teleprompters on this list, the Parrot uses 70/30 BeamSplitter glass for the highest-quality view of your script.

This unit also comes with 13 mounting rings so you can easily attach it to almost any type of camera lens.

There is a Bluetooth remote to improve ease of use via the Parrot app and there's a glass cleaning kit included in the bundle as well.

Learn more about the Padcaster Parrot teleprompter

Best Teleprompters of 2019: Datavideo TP-300B

datavideo 1

Last but not least, the Datavideo TP-300B is a great teleprompter option for videographers that use an iPad or Android tablet for reading scripts.

The scripts or cue sheets that you create can be quickly and easily transferred into the DV prompter application software and scrolled at a set automatic rate. Additionally, it can be controlled via an optional remote if a set rate is not desired. 

The prompter software gives you plenty of options for customizing the text size, colors, and fonts so you can make the script as easily readable as possible from a variety of distances.

datavideo 2

The unit has a versatile mounting system that enables you quickly and easily mount many different-sized tablets to it.

The strong prompter frame affixes to any standard tripod and gives you the option of using it as a standalone, in front of the camera, or below the lens. Whatever the positioning, you’ll appreciate the 60/40 glass that allows you to see the script clearly. 

Learn more about the Datavideo TP-300B teleprompter


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