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Mixtiles Review

mixtiles review

With the holidays approaching, I wanted to get my wife something special from our 4-year-old son. I know my wife has some wall space in her office where she would love photos of our little guy, so that’s the route I decided to go. 

I wanted something that was small, modular, and would allow her to arrange the photos as she saw fit. Mixtiles seemed like an appropriate choice.

In this Mixtiles review, I’ll share my experience with you, let you know how these photo tiles turned out, and offer my thoughts on Mixtiles alternatives, too.

What is a Mixtiles?

what is a mixtiles

Mixtiles are 8-inch by 8-inch photo tiles that easily attach to your wall via peel-and-stick tape.

Their website bills Mixtiles as a way to “turn your photos into affordable, stunning wall art.”

These tiles can be attached and reattached without leaving any marks on the wall, so if you tire of the way you initially have them displayed, you can switch things up without worry of damaging drywall, paint, wallpaper, and so forth.

As you'll soon find out in my Mixtiles review, I didn't get far enough in the process to mount these photo tiles to the wall.

Similar to Mixtiles

This seems to be a fairly crowded space, as I found a number of companies that make these sort of photo tiles.

Though each of the Mixtiles competitors I’ve listed below offer slightly different products, the overall idea of providing small photos that can be easily rearranged without damaging the wall remains the same.

Mixtiles Cost

Mixtiles cost $11 per 8x8 photo tile. This price is very competitive in this niche, and is lower than many of the Mixtiles alternatives listed above. 

Shipping from Mixtiles is free, so that’s an added bonus!

Mixtiles Promo Code

I did a search for "Mixtiles promo code" and another for "Mixtiles coupon code" with no such luck.  

I found a few sites offering promo codes, but there didn't seem to be any that actually worked.

Mixtiles App

mixtiles app

Mixtiles makes it easy to select which of your photos you want printed via their Mixtiles app (Android, iOS). 

The app is pretty basic, but it’s easy to use and does what it is supposed to do. The Mixtiles app currently has a 4.8-star rating on the app store from more than 10,000 reviews.

Mixtiles Review

mixtiles review

Okay, now for the actual Mixtile review.

As I noted earlier, the whole reason why I ordered some Mixtiles was to give them to my wife for Christmas.

After searching for photo tiles, Google gave me a number of options, and I elected to visit Mixtiles.

I wasn't sold immediately. In fact, it would be a few days before I would make my order.

After visiting Mixtiles, for the next few days I was hammered with Mixtile retargeted ads from all over. After a few days, I decided to try them out (so I guess the retargeted ads worked, eh?!).

The ordering process was pretty much what you would expect - simple and straightforward. 

As mentioned before, shipping was free, but I found it to be a bit on the slow side. But I suppose free shipping is free shipping, so I waited patiently for the order to arrive.

But here is where Mixtiles lost me…

I ordered three Mixtiles. Just three.

photo tiles

When the box arrived, I came close to just wrapping it up and placing under the tree. However, I figured I should check out their work since I’d never purchased Mixtiles before and didn’t really know what to expect. I'm glad I did…

It didn't take me much more than a couple of seconds to realize quality control must not exist here. A simple inspection, heck, just glancing at one of these Mixtiles would tell me that the ink has smeared (shown above) and this shouldn't be shipped. It's that obvious! 

The other two Mixtiles look okay, but the one is just not something I would ever give as a gift to my why - especially not from our son!

What a bummer! Sorry to say I can't make recommendations at this time for Mixtiles, not with this sort of quality control.

I'm going to hop back over to Google find replacement for these photo tiles. Stay tuned!


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