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Handmade maternity gowns, boudoir gowns, bridal fashion, girls couture, & newborn photography props

14624 Heritagecrest Way
UT, Bluffdale, 84065, United States




Sew Trendy Accessories is the ONLY dress company I will recommend to my clients. Whether you're needing a dress for an expecting mother, a statement gown for an engagement session, a rainbow dress for a rainbow baby, or a fun dress for a senior...Sew Trendy has you covered! The dresses are fantastic quality and you can tell Valerie and her team LOVE what they do! I won't take my business anywhere else!  Julie Lynn - Julie Lynn Photography
I have worked with many companies that make maternity gowns and none have had the amazing customer service and all-around friendliness that sew trendy has. They listen to every little thing and make sure that yours and your clients needs are met. My clients love the huge variety of gowns that they offer and the fact that they are able to arrive in a timely manner. And lastly, no one has been able to chop the amazing craftsmanship that the sew trendy gowns offer! Beat company to work with, hands down! Edith M. Liera - ELM Photography
Investing in Sew Trendy gowns has given my photography business an amazing boost! My clients absolutely love how gorgeous they look in the gowns and they don't have to worry about finding their own outfits to wear to maternity sessions. The quality of the gowns is superb and customer service is always great! Marina Strachan - Marina Strachan Photography
The quality of Sew Trendy gowns is amazing and simply can't be found elsewhere. My maternity clients use words like "luxurious," and "heavenly" when I put them in a Sew Trendy gown. I've never had a client that hasn't been wow'd by the look and feel of these gowns. I love how well they photograph and how easy they are to care for! Sew Trendy is simply he best!! Gina Yavelak - Gina Y Photography

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