Use Texture to Make Your Black and White Photos Pop

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There are a lot of factors that help a black and white photo become truly eye-catching. The use of shadows and light, for example, give the image depth in the absence of color. Lines and shapes have a similar effect, giving the eye interesting elements to help it move around the frame.

But texture is equally, if not more powerful, in terms of giving a black and white image a lot of dimension and interest. Not only do textures give the two-dimensional photograph a distinct feeling of being three-dimensional, but they also help make the image seem more real, as if you could reach out and touch the photo and actually feel the texture that’s highlighted within it.

In short, textures can elevate a so-so black and white photo into something that truly reaches out and grabs the viewer’s attention. That’s the whole point of photography, right?!

In the video below, learn how you can implement texture like the masters. Ray Scott of Visual Art Photography Tutorials explains the ins and outs of texture and gives us stunning examples of texture-filled black and white photos to inspire our creativity. Give it a look!

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