Maternity Photography Tips You Don't Want to Miss

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Sometimes, the easiest path to a gorgeous maternity photo is to keep it simple.

That is, if you get back to the basics, your chances of creating a portrait that the mom-to-be will cherish forever will be much greater.

That means working to enhance the composition in ways that are subtle and simple, but which have great visual appeal.

Here's a few tips I've found to be helpful when taking maternity photos.

Work the Angles

Abba Color Photography

There's nothing wrong with taking a portrait from a standard eye level.

However, if you want to create something a little more interesting and unique, change the eye level from which you shoot.

As you can see in the image above, the photographer was below the model's eyeline, looking up toward her.

Not only does this give us a view of all that texture in the foreground, but it also creates a view of the model that makes her look a little more powerful in the shot.

That visual power - which is certainly helped by her wardrobe - is important given all the other details in the image that might draw our attention.

In other words, using this perspective helped make the model an even stronger subject than she already is.

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Find Some Shade

 image Becca Rillo Photography

It would be nice if every portrait we take could be during Golden Hour, but that's just not possible.

That means that when you create maternity portraits during the daytime that you need to make accommodations to work with the intense and harsh light that results from shooting at that time of day.

An easy trick is to simply find shade to take your portraits.

As seen above, the shade of the tree gave the photographer beautiful, soft lighting that falls evenly on the model's face.

And with the image exposed for the model, the slightly overexposed background gives the shot a bright, cheery feel that makes this a highly impactful portrait.

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Add Drama (Without Going Overboard)

 image Abba Color Photography

Adding drama to a maternity photo doesn't mean that you have to do anything especially wild and crazy.

In looking at the image above, you can point to two things that make this photo not your average maternity portrait.

First, the intricately detailed bench the model is lying on adds textural elements that make the shot more visually appealing.

Second, the flowing gown offers a gorgeous contrast to the more structured form of the bench, and its dark color contrasts beautifully with the bright, white light emanating from the background.

In other words, this photographer used various types of contrast to create an image I think you'll agree is quite compelling!

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Use a Frame

 image Courtney Eick Photography

If you look at your portraits and feel as though the subject gets lost a little bit, an easy solution is to use a frame within the frame.

Doing so helps you direct the viewer's attention in a more purposeful manner, allowing their eyes to more deeply engage with the subject.

In the image above, you can see how shifting the model to the left side of the shot to be framed by the hedge helps keep our focus on the mom-to-be.

And notice how this use of a frame is very subtle, yet still impactful.

 image Abba Color Photography

In another subtle use of a frame, in this shot, you can see how the photographer keeps our attention on the model by framing her with the tree trunks.

This is important because there's a lot of light values, colors, and textures in the background. And again, the use of the trees as a frame is subtle.

That means that you don't have to put mom under an archway or in front of a window to get a pleasing result. Try something a little less obvious and see what visual delights you can create!

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