Sony DSLR Camera Buying Guide


  1. Sony Alpha SLT-a37 DSLR

ISOSLTA37MIntroduced during the first half of 2012, the Sony a37 is a compelling competitor in the entry-level DSLR market and deserves due consideration from DSLR beginners as their first camera. What distinguishes Sony DSLRs from all others is its fixed-mirror technology. Unlike the traditional DSLR, where the light entering the camera via the lens is reflected from a mirror to the sensor, Sony DSLRs have a fixed, semi-transparent mirror, so the light strikes the sensor directly. Faster autofocusing is the primary advantage, as the camera’s phase-detection autofocus sensor receives a constant stream of light while other DSLRs must wait for their mirrors to flip into their original positions. The Sony a37 DSLR’s many other features and capabilities also make it a superb choice: 16.1-MP APS CMOS sensor; very fast 7 frames per second burst mode; 2.6”, 230,000-dot, tilting rear LCD; 1080/60i/24p HD video in AVCHD format; built-in stereo microphones; and Auto Portrait Framing mode.


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The Sony SLT-A37 is a full-featured starter DSLR, and a step-up camera for photogtraphy amateurs and enthusiasts "graduating" from advanced point-and-shoot cameras, as well as for people who want high-resolution stills and the ability to record HD video. The SLT-A37 features Sony's exclusive Translucent Mirror Technology: The mirror doesn't flip-up during exposure, which allows Sony to make the camera's burst rate a category-leading 7fps, which is best in this class of camera, and the viewfinder image doesn't "black out" during the moment of exposure. High ISO of 16000 for outstanding low-light performance, multiframe noise reduction, 3D sweep panorama and sophisticated autofocus and metering systems help the small, relatiely lightweight SLT-A37 stand out in a competitive field while offering creative photographers room to grow at a reasonable price.


  1. Sony Alpha SLT-a57 DSLR

ISOSLTA57Also introduced during 2012, the Sony a57 DSLR provides an excellent shooting experience for photographers advancing from a compact, or entry-level DSLR who want even more features and capabilities. Like the Sony a37, the a57 also has the company’s fixed-mirror technology, which is definitely an advantage over other DSLRs. In its big-brother role to the a37, the Sony a57 DSLR is more robust, with a 3’, 921,000-dot rear LCD screen, which also tilts and swivels; a maximum ISO range of 100–16,000, which will allow the photographer new to DSLR image making to be more creative; continuous shooting of as many as 12 frames per second, which is very fast for a camera at this price point; and 1080 Full-HD at 60 fps (as well as 24 fps) in AVCHD 2.0 standard capture. Sony’s Clear Image Zoom Technology also gives a57 shooters a great tool. The focal length of the lens is doubled, or 2x power, which magnifies the center of a photo, and still makes it sharp and crisp.


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Even when shooting in challenging conditions, the accelerated speed, supreme sensitivity and cutting-edge functionality of the Sony Alpha SLT-A57 Digital SLR Camera ensures beautiful results. The Translucent Mirror technology simultaneously directs light to the image sensor and AF sensor on a full-time basis to realize full-time live view shooting and accelerated full-time continuous face-detection autofocusing even during HD movie shooting.

The large Exmor APS HD CMOS sensor provides an extremely wide sensitivity range of 7 1/3 steps. You can use AUTO ISO (100-3200) for outstanding results in most lighting conditions or manually raise sensitivity up to ISO 16000 when lighting is low. Even at high sensitivity settings, the alpha 57 captures every detail with natural tonal gradations and extremely low noise. This makes the alpha 57 perfect for shooting indoor athletes at high shutter speeds without a tripod or reproducing the mood of candlelit rooms without supplemental lighting.

When you press the shutter button, the alpha 57 responds in 0.05 second - a blazing speed that rivals professional cameras. Made possible by an innovative electronic front curtain shutter, this accelerated response lets you capture decisive moments with utmost confidence. The electronic front curtain shutter also produces less shutter noise and vibration than a mechanical front curtain shutter (which can be activated if desired through the MENU).

Sony SLT-A57 Includes

  • Sony Alpha DSLR SLT A57 Digital Camera
  • Battery Charger (BC-VW10A)
  • Rechargeable Battery (NP-FM500H)
  • Shoulder Strap
  • Body Cap
  • USB Cable
  • CD-ROM
  • Eyepiece Cup
  • Sony 1 Year Parts and Labor Limited Warranty


  1. Sony Alpha SLT-a65 DSLR

ISOSLTA65VFor photographers ready to move ahead in the world of digital photography, the Sony a65 DSLR provides an amazing level of performance and image quality in a single creative tool. The combination of Sony’s 2nd Generation Translucent Mirror Technology and a 24.3-MP CMOS sensor allows the enthusiast or amateur to capture fast action at as many as 10 frames per second with continuous auto focus. Phase-Detection autofocus also operates during HD video recording and Live View. Plus, video can be shot at 60p, 60i or 24p, all in full HD. Photographers will also have a more enjoyable shooting experience because of the a57’s Tru-Finder OLED electronic viewfinder. Its 2,359K-dot resolution creates an incredible view of whatever scene or subject is being framed. In addition, any changes the photographer makes to the shooting formula are viewable in real time. The 3”, 921,600-pixel Tru-Black LCD screen provides 100% coverage and 5-step brightness control and tilts and rotates for more shooting versatility. The Sony a57 also boasts many creative modes: Auto HDR, Handheld Twilight, 3D Sweep Panorama and many others.

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Take your photography to the next level with this a65 DSLR camera. Featuring Sony's groundbreaking Translucent Mirror Technology, you can focus and shoot simultaneously for fast, precise performance and continuous shooting of up to 10 frames per second, complete with continuous auto focus. View setting adjustments in real time with a Tru-Finder OLED electronic viewfinder and choose from three HD movie modes-super-smooth 60p, standard 60i or richly cinematic 24p-to optimize the look and feel of your videos (records in 29-minute segments).

Sony SLT-A65 Includes

  • Sony Alpha DSLR SLT A65 Digital Camera
  • Shoulder Strap
  • CD-ROM Battery Charger
  • Body Cap
  • Rechargeable Battery (NP-FM500H)
  • USB Cable
  • Sony 1 Year Parts & Labor Limited Warranty


  1. Sony Alpha SLT-a77 DSLR

ISOSLTA77VWith the introduction of the Sony a77 DSLR during late 2011, serious amateurs and semi-professionals had a new and highly comparable choice among mid-range DSLR models. Again, a major comparison is the Sony Translucent Mirror Technology. Without a standard penta-mirror/prism, Sony is able to include a phase-detection auto-focus (AF) sensor. Light registers on it continuously for both stills and video. Photo composition occurs with the use of the main imaging sensor and Live View, which in turn allows the 19-point AF system to be more precise when tracking objects. The a77’s lack of a mirror also gives it as much as 12 frames per second continuous shooting. The shutter’s operational speed dictates the burst speed, not the movement of the mirror.

Attracting many photographers to the Sony a77 is its 2.4M-dot OLED viewfinder, which many independent reviewers consider the highest resolution available in a DSLR at this price point. The 3”, 921,600-dot LCD screen tilts in three directions, making the a77 a great camera for shooting events, such as weddings and parties, and more creative travel photography. The Sony a77 is also a complete video system, since it is the first DSLR with 1080 Full HD at 60p, 60i and 24p. This camera also includes an ISO range to 16,000, a built-in GPS and flash and SteadyShot INSIDE image stabilization.


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Step up to an incredible shooting experience with this a77 DSLR camera. Featuring Sony's top-of-the-line Translucent Mirror Technology, you can focus and shoot simultaneously for fast, precise performance and continuous shooting of up to 12 frames per second, complete with continuous auto focus. Capture amazingly-detailed images that make for gorgeous enlargements thanks to an impressive 24.3-megapixel sensor.

The world's first DSLR to offer a choice of super-smooth 60p, standard 60i or richly cinematic 24p movie modes all at Full HD 1920 x 1080 resolution, you can capture incredible, high quality AVCHD or MP4 videos of all your memorable moments (records in 29-minute segments). A Tru-Finder OLED electronic viewfinder offers remarkable resolution and high contrast for outstanding depth, plus allows you to view setting adjustments in real time for the best possible picture.

The Sony SLT-A77 is commonly used for Family photos, Landscape/scenery, Sports/action, Video, Wildlife and more.The Sony SLT-A77 is most used by customers who consider themselves to be a Semi-pro photographer among others.The Sony SLT-A77 is popular because customers like the following qualities of the Sony SLT-A77: Easy to use, Fast / accurate auto-focus, Fast shutter speed, Good image quality, Image stabilization, Large clear LCD, Tilt /swivel LCD to mention just a few.

Sony SLT-A77 Includes

  • Sony Alpha DSLR SLT A77 Digital Camera
  • Battery Charger
  • Body Cap
  • Rechargeable Battery (NP-FM500H)
  • USB Cable
  • Shoulder Strap
  • CD-ROM
  • Sony 1 Year Parts & Labor Limited Warranty


  1. Sony Alpha SLT-a99 DSLR

ISOSLTA99VThe a99 camera is Sony’s newest, top-of-the-line, full-frame DSLR that is designed and equipped to cause many serious amateurs and professionals to take notice of all it offers in relation to the competition. Sony has certainly given the a99 all the features and capabilities that photographers need (or want) in a full-frame DSLR. The 24.03-MP Exmor CMOS sensor has been newly designed and, when combined with an upgraded Bionz image processor, produces stunning, color-rich and incredible sharp photos. The Bionz processor also allows the a99 to generate 14-bit RAW images, which makes it the first Sony DSLR to do so.

The feature that has many photographers talking (and buying) is the a99’s dual autofocus system. This camera has two phase-detection sensors, one of 19 points and the other an astounding 102 points. Plus, they can operate together, so sports, action and wildlife photographers have more control of the foreground and background and the focus distance in front of and behind the subject. Viewing and composing photos is extremely well handled with the a99’s 2,359K-dot OLED viewfinder and a 3”, 1.2M-dot LCD display that tilts and rotates. With a growing interest among professionals to become serious video creators, the a99 has all the functionality they will ever need: 1080/60p Full-HD; fulltime, continuous AF; direct recording of uncompressed HDMI to a separate device; and 32-step audio input level.


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A full-fledged pro DSLR featuring a 24.3MP 35mm-sized CMOS sensor, the Sony Alpha SLT-A99V, offers the world's first dual AF system in a DSLR, and the world's lightest body for a full-frame DSLR, this dust- and moisture-sealed camera replaces the old Alpha A-series A900 and A700 full-frame DSLRs and boasts what Sony calls "dramatically improved image quality, noise reduction and AF performance."

Sony Alpha SLT-A99V: Key Features

Translucent Mirror Technology
New 24.3 MP 35 mm Exmor CMOS sensor and BIONZ Processor
World's first Dual AF System
Advanced Movie Shooting Functions
1/2" XGA OLED TruFinder Electronic Viewfinder
Fast 6 frames per second continuous shooting
Maximized handling performance
Quick Navi Pro
Dual Slot
Three-way Tilt-able LCD
World's Lightest Body
Durable shutter mechanism
Dust and Moisture Sealed
New Anti-dust coating
New Expandable System

Let's take a closer look at the Sony Alpha SLT-A99V, based on technical information provided by Sony.

Viewfinder: Sony has moved away from the traditional optical DSLR pentaprism-type viewfinder to a very high-resolution (2.359 million dots) OLED electronic viewfinder. Resolution and contrast ratio are both claimed to be high and the resulting image rivals that visible in an optical finder. An advantage here over optical is that you can see the results of camera adjustments in real time. Sony's proprietary Translucent Mirror Technology simultaneously directs light to the image sensor and AF sensor at all times to realize Full-time Continuous AF that is said to keep the subject in sharp focus and even during continuous shooting and movie shooting. It also allows the high-precision electronic viewfinder to accurately display the results of camera setting adjustments in real time.

Sensor and Image Processing: The 24.3MP 35mm full-frame sensor offers an ISO range of 100-32,000, with low noise. However, if that isn't enough, Sony's Multi-frame NR mode captures six images in a fraction of a second, then combines them, reducing the noise by what Sony says is the equivalent of two stops.

Video: The Sony Alpha SLT-A99V is the first full-frame Sony DSLR with video. It can record Full 1080 HD uncompressed clean-screen video files to external recording devices via an HDMI® connection in 24p, 60p and 60i frame-rates.

Autofocus: The SLT-A99V debuts the world's first Dual AF system. It has a 19-point AF system with 11 cross sensors that is complemented by a multi-point focal plane phase-detection AF sensor with 102 AF points that overlays the image sensor. This is made possible by Translucent Mirror Technology, which simultaneously directs light to the image sensor and AF sensor at all times. Continuous AF uses all 19 AF points with reliable depth-direction focusing performance to capture subjects; Sony says it is assisted by the 102-point multi-point focal-plane phase-detection AF sensor. It continues to accurately focus on the subject whether the subject is moving in depth or plane direction. Users can set the range of focus distance, an essential feature when shooting sports.

Burst Rate: The Sony Alpha SLT-A99V can shoot at approximately 6 frames per second (fps) with enhanced Tracking Focus, which is said to offer more advanced acquisition and tracking performance. The Tele Zoom High Speed shooting mode shoots up to 8 fps at 10 MP while maintaining continuous auto focus and auto exposure.

LCD monitor: The SLT-A99V may be the first full-frame DSLR with a flip-out monitor. The 921k dot LCD monitor can tilt three ways and is the same monitor used on the SLT-A77.

Exposure is determined via a 1200-zone evaluative metering; the camera reads exposure directly from the main image sensor. You have a choice of multi, center and spot metering. The camera offers built-in HDR, sweep panorama mode, D-range Optimizer, and 13 creative filters (Standard, Vivid, Neutral, Clear, Deep, Light, Portrait, Landscape, Sunset, Night Scene, Autumn leaves, Black & White, Sepia.)

GPS: The camera has built-in GPS.

Construction: The Sony Alpha SLT-A99V is built to meet the heavy demands of prosumers. Main outer body panels and interior chassis are constructed of lightweight, righid magnesium alloy. The camera is also ruggedized: Outer body and moisture countermeasures include the sealing and treatment of major operational buttons/dials and a convex/concave mating structure that tightly interlocks components to protect against dust and moisture. Controls also feature a durable structure that withstands the touch usage of advanced amateurs. The shutter is rated for up to 200,000 releases.

Communication with Accessories: The Sony Alpha SLT-A99V offers Sony's new Multi-Interface shoe that dramatically expands compatibility with Handycam® accessories, thus raising the potential for photo/movie shooting (The included ADP-MAA shoe adapter maintains compatibility with conventional Alpha accessories as well). One such accessory is the HVL-F60M flash with video light offers high output, Sony's original Quick Shift Bounce mechanism, a new video light for movie shooting and improved operational interface. Another is the RMT-DSLR2 Remote Commander for movie shooting that includes a dedicated movie record button.

Sony SLT-A99 Includes

  • Sony SLT-A99V DSLR Camera
  • Battery Charger
  • Rechargeable Battery (NP-FM500H)
  • Shoe Adaptor
  • Shoulder Strap
  • Body Cap
  • Accessory Shoe Cap
  • Eyepiece Cup
  • USB Cable
  • CD-ROM
  • ADP-AMA Multi-interface to Auto Lock Accessory
  • Sony Warranty

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