These 10 Exotic Bird Photos will Brighten Your Day and Inspire You

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One of the greatest things about photographing birds is that they come in an almost endless variety of sizes, shapes and colors. From specialized body parts to ornate plumage and incredible colors, the exotic birds of the world are a true feast for the eyes and the lens. No wonder they're a favorite subject of pros and amateurs everywhere.

If your budget doesn't quite allow a trip to the rain forest, you may be surprised at what you'll find in aviaries at zoos or wildlife sanctuaries. Many are designed to mimic natural environments as closely as possible, so it may not be too difficult to create images that look like you traveled to get them. No matter were you find them, birds will always provide you with challenging and rewarding photo opportunities.

Here are 10 examples of exotic bird photography that we think you'll appreciate. Take a look, then go see what you can find!

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Need an amazing birding lens?

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