Never Miss a Photo Opportunity Again With These Simple Tricks

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Recently, our friends over at Handlepod posted a great article about missed opportunities with the camera that really spoke to me.

How often do you find yourself in a situation in which you either don’t have your camera, don’t have a tripod, or both? If you’re like me, there are often times when I’m heading to the store or to a meeting - someplace that doesn’t scream “take your photography gear!” - and end up coming across a magical moment that would have made a great photo.

Here’s what the folks at Handlepod suggest to avoid such a fate.

Always Be Ready

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It might sound cliche, but if you aren’t prepared, how can you expect to take a photo of anything? Granted, there are different levels of preparedness. You probably don’t need to leave your Sony a7r II in the glove box on the off chance that there is a spectacular photo opportunity on your way to work. But, having your phone with you or even a small compact camera that you keep in the car means you’ll have a camera of some sort should an opportunity arise.

Another part of always being ready is having your gear easily accessible. Whether you’re at the beach, in your backyard, or on a holiday in France, have your gear easily within reach, that way you can pounce at a moment’s notice should a photo-worthy occasion arise. Likewise, simply being observant might net you photographic gold. Watch for vignettes throughout the day that present some sort of interest - the nesting waterfowl in the pond by your house, the shadow details falling on the sidewalk from the facade at your office, the way the sun bathes the distant mountains in warm light at sundown, and so on. No matter the kind of scenes you like to shoot, the chances are that there are many more opportunities throughout the day than you might first think.

Give Your Camera Some Stability

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Beyond being prepared to shoot at a moment’s notice, you also need to have some means of giving your camera the stability it needs to take a clear, sharp image. Many of the daily photography moments we encounter are those for which a tripod just isn’t practical. Tripods are great, but they are also bulky, and some are quite heavy - not a great combination of features if you’ll be walking around a lot.

An ideal alternative is to use a Handlepod, like the one shown above. It’s small enough to fit in your pocket, yet has all the features you need to take sharp shots. You can use the integrated band to attach it to just about anything, from a car mirror to a tree branch and anything in between. Alternatively, you can hold the Handlepod against a flat surface, like a wall, with just light pressure. That means you can easily take photos of people, landscapes, wildlife, or even long exposure images, all without worrying about your camera being unstable.

In fact, having a Handlepod in and of itself is a way to always be at the ready. Just keep your eyes open for opportunities to snap photos, have your camera within arms reach, and use a Handlepod to get the sharpest images possible!

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