Plotagraph of the Week - Szilard Janko

Szilard Janko 1200px 25fps min image

One of the challenges of being a photographer is to create images that have a lot of visual impact.

Given that we are constantly bombarded by imagery on TV, on our tablets and computers, and on our phones, that means that it can be a tall task to develop something that's truly eye-catching.

Having said that, the featured image above by Szilard Janko is a gorgeous photo, don't you think?

There's something mind-bending about it...

By flipping the shot on its head and making down up and up down, Szilard managed to create an image that's unique, creative, and invites you to sit down and dig deeper into the shot.

That's what photography is all about, right?

But now there's a way that photographers like Szilard, you, and I can take even the most creative still photos to an entirely other level of interest.

That's called Plotagraph.

Szilard Janko 1200px 25fps image

I think you'll agree that with the Plotagraph treatment, the original image is made even better!

The subtle movement of the water at the bottom of the image adds a dynamic element to the photo that gives you a sense of the gentle flow of the underwater current of the ocean.

I mean, it's like you're right there with your own little window into an underwater world.

And the key for me is that the movement isn't over the top or in your face.

It's just enough to give the image more of that attention-grabbing detail that keeps your eyes mesmerized, wondering just how the heck the photographer managed to create something so stinking cool.

About Plotagraph

Plotagraph is a cloud-based platform that allows you to add looping content to a still image that gives it the subtle motion effects seen above. In short, it's photography re-imagined.

Upload a photo to Plotagraph, use the program to add layers, feather edges, crop the image, and tackle other advanced editing techniques, and the result will be something that's sure to blow people away.

Even the most incredible still images take on a whole new life with the addition of Plotagraph effects.

And the best part? Plotagraph isn't just fancy software. It's a complete online community where you can learn more about making Plotagraphs, interact with other photographers using the platform, and learn new tricks with detailed tutorials. It's simple to use too!

Start creating your own Plotagraphs today.

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