Creative Photography "How to photograph the Moon"

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A "relaxed" set of notes for those who want to photograph the moon

Moon + Jupiter    1/250s @ f6,3; 640mm; iso-200; WB = Sunshine

Why is it that photographers want to photograph the moon … after all it's all so well known to us all, why do it again … and again.  The answer is the same as for mountaineers wanting to climb – because it's there!  So when you want to capture the moon – whether it's just rising just above the horizon or fully overhead, a few simple steps are needed.  

How to go about it ...
1. on a night with a half-moon to a full-moon, set out a comfortable chair, arrange some nibbles and a drink, then arrange yourself comfortably upon your comfortable chair;
2. whatever lens you have, zoom it out to maximum zoom [your 70-300mm or 100-400 lens to camera is a good start];
3. set camera to “S” / “Tv” shutter priority mode;
4. set camera to about 1/250sec to 1/500sec with ISO at ISO-400;
5. have some nibbles and a sip - or two, or three - of your drink;
6. take a photo and look at result;
7. if result is a bit bright, drop ISO from 400 to 200 – if a bit dark, increase ISO from 400 to 800;
8. repeat steps 5 & 6 & 7 and continue until all nibbles have been eaten.  
See – all quite simple!  

WB for moon photography ...
The moon is displaying reflected sunlight, so the best WB = sunlight.  For a full moon just rising over the horizon, it will be full of that glorious orange colour that attracts us in the first place.  Should you wish to set the colour to 'white', then temporarily set your camera's WB to “tungsten / incandescent” and the colour will become white.

Hope this helps
Phil from the great land Downunder

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