You've learned

a lot about photography.

Why not pass it along?

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Your experience as a photographer is totally unique.

Whether it's some challenge you encountered and overcame or some insight you gained, you have a singular story to tell.

Tell your story here.

PhotographyTalk is an international forum that I created to enable as many photographers as possible to share their knowledge and experiences… to inspire their fellow photographers to try new things or simply to persevere… and, in the process, to learn from others and enhance their own skills.

Kindred spirits, unite!

Remember, you share a unique, common bond with countless other people in diverse cultures: your love of photography. You certainly don't need to explain it to fellow photographers–they've been bitten by the same bug!

That's why I wanted all of us to have a central location where we can gather to both teach and learn… to connect with like-minded people… and to draw our vast community closer together.

So this is your opportunity to pass along valuable lessons you've learned.

Give us some Pointers.

Pointers are the same thing as tips or advice–things that will make life easier for other photographers or even inspire them to move in a new direction. Just write ideas up in the form of an article. There's no limit as to how many articles covering different subject areas that you can submit.

Articles should be informative but we're also open to stories that are simply entertaining, experiences that other photographers would relate to and "get."

We also want to encourage people to submit photography-related tutorials.

Since we don't want to overwhelm this community with too much information of varying quality, we seek to be very selective in what we publish.

Otherwise, if you were to submit something of great value and we posted every submission, yours might get lost the clutter. So be assured that if your work does meet our criteria and is published, it will be seen by over 2 million people across the globe.
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To achieve that, we've developed a set of guidelines.

  • We want to hear from all levels of digital photographers, from beginner to advanced, offering advice on any area of digital photography.

  • If possible, your article should be accompanied by one or more photos that express what it's all about. If that proves to be an insurmountable problem, we might be able to come up with a photo for you that works.

  • Articles should hopefully be at least 400 words or longer.

  • Your words and work must be original and not have been published (and never will be published) anywhere else on the Internet.

  • If accepted, you'll get full credit plus we'll publish links to any of your websites, blogs, as well as other platforms like flickr.

  • Your words and work will remain posted indefinitely if you so choose.

What kinds of articles do we want?

Here are some suggestions that you can follow. They may also make you think of something else to consider pursuing:

  • Fundamental principles of photography.

  • How to use various kinds of photographic gear.

  • Techniques that you find useful.

  • Reviews of photographic equipment you've tried such as cameras and lenses.

  • How to compose great shots.

  • How to profit from photography and go pro.

  • Types of photography you specialize in such as landscape, wildlife, macro, events (e.g., weddings), portraits, family, pets, underwater, street art, still life, etc.

Just email your submission.

Simply send it using our contact form, or directly to: [email protected].

If you just have an idea for an article–or especially a tutorial–you can send us your description of it before devoting the time needed to flesh it out. We'll let you know how promising we feel it is.

You'll earn Reward Points in the bargain!

Along with giving your good advice a tremendous amount of exposure, you'll also accumulate a lot of extra Reward Points. If your article is approved and published on, you will receive 1000 Reward Points! Click here for complete details!

So start thinking about what
you can bring to our online table.
We hope to hear from you soon!