What is PhotographyTalk?

PhotographyTalk is the world’s number one photography community.

We’ve built our community around a mission to provide all the support and resources you need to develop your skills and grow as a photographer. This includes the opportunity to share your work with the world, inspire others and find inspiration from fellow photographers.

Our main purpose is to help you reach your potential and achieve greatness.

At PhotographyTalk, we believe anyone is capable of taking great photos. But we also realize that not everyone has a lot of time to invest in learning. For that reason, PhotographyTalk provides premier tuition that fast-tracks the acquisition of knowledge and skills. This accelerated learning model means you’ll master the art of taking high-quality photos sooner rather than later.

Our community is all about inspiring one another to dream bigger, do better, and achieve great things with our cameras. Whether you’re a brand-new photographer, grizzled veteran, or somewhere in between, we think you’ll find this the perfect place to discover skills, share, and grow as a photographer.

Why do you have a subscription membership?

PhotographyTalk offers free memberships as well as a paid subscription.

The free membership is ideal for people dipping their toes into photography and not sure how much time and money they want to invest.

The paid subscription takes things to the next level offering more resources geared up to accelerated improvement and access to premium beginner, intermediate and advanced content.

Many photographers choose our subscription service because they want to reduce the time it takes to master photography. Others are simply looking for inspiration, motivation, and direction to help minimize missed shots and disappointing results.

Our subscription membership comes with access to hundreds of resources for any level of photographer. This includes exclusive access to our ON Demand library, which features in-depth photography tutorials to help members focus on specific skills to improve behind the lens.

Who are PhotographyTalk members?

PhotographyTalk members come from all walks of life and from all corners of the globe. With nearly 3 million subscribers and counting, we’re a diverse group with one common goal - to get inspired and master photography.

The unique personal, professional, and cultural backgrounds of our members make PhotographyTalk a rich community of photography lovers. A beautiful group of people whose passion for photography, videography, post-processing, and other creative endeavors crosses all borders and boundaries.

What countries are PhotographyTalk members from?

While PhotographyTalk is headquartered in Irvine, California, our subscribers come from every corner of the globe. In fact, nearly every country in the world is represented on PhotographyTalk making it a rich and diverse place to learn and improve together.

What can I expect from the member experience?

Becoming a member of PhotographyTalk means you’ll reap a variety of personal, professional, and creative benefits, including:

Core Benefits

Rapidly improve your photography by learning new skills (and improving on the ones you already have)
Cut the learning curve and accelerate your learning with easy-to-understand tutorials on all things photography
See impressive results by mastering your camera controls, getting away from full-auto mode
Discover how to establish and maintain a successful photography business with expert business advice from people who have done it themselves
Showcase your photos worldwide by adding them to the PhotographyTalk galleries, helping to inspire others and gain recognition for your work

Additional Benefits

Gain confidence in your abilities as a photographer with newly discovered skills
Supercharge your progress with focused feedback from other photographers in the community to highlight areas of improvement
Build your network and develop friendships with other passionate photographers worldwide

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