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The Nikon Corporation was established in July 25, 1917. About 60 years after, Nikon became a manufacturer of optical lenses, including those for the first Canon cameras. Nikon also manufactured other equipment used for cameras, binoculars, microscopes, and inspection equipment. By the World War II, there were about 19 factories that produced Nikon products, as they supplied binoculars, lenses, and periscopes to the Japanese military.
Do you know that Nikon’s first “compact” camera is still around. What used to be known as the FM was introduced in 1977. It’s still available today as the FM3A; a classic! In 1991, Nikon also created some of the first digital SLRs as research projects for NASA.

All over the world, this brand is recognized to be a top competitor for cameras and lenses, even when Nikon is pronounced differently, depending on where you are. In Japan, it’s pronounced as nikoɴ; the British pronunciation is ˈnɪkɒn and in North America, it isˈnaɪkɒn. Whatever pronunciation you have, it’s still the same brand you love. So if you have questions, if you want to share your “I am Nikon” experiences. If you simply want to share shots using Nikon equipment, this is the forum for you.
This forum is exclusively for discussion for Canon camera and equipment. If you’re a Canon enthusiast, a Canon user, or you’re still on the fence; this forum is the place to interact with fellow Canon photographers.

Canon’s first ever camera was born in 1934. This prototype served as Japan’s first 35mm focal-plane shutter camera. It was called the Kwanon, a name that was derived from the Buddhist goddess of Mercy. The developers of this camera envisioned this gear to be the world’s finest camera and this was a tribute to the said god. Later on, the name “Kwanon” was changed to “Canon”, which depicts a standard for judgment. Since then, “Canon” was known as a company that strove for nothing less than precision.

In the 1950s, Canon produced a product that raised it a cut above the rest. It was because of their Serenar 50mm, f1.8 lens. This was a lens that was ahead of its time, as it had the power to eliminate flares that was so many lenses during its time. It allowed Canon to be the leader in the field of optical technology.

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Discussions on all Pentax related equipment including SLRs, lenses and accessories
Everything to do with Olympus cameras and accessories
This forum is dedicated to Sony Camera discussions. If you have a Sony camera, you’re a fan of Sony Cameras, or you’re interested in buying one, feel free to participate in this forum and let your voice be heard.

Just in the knick of time, Sony partnered up with Konica Minolta, just before it closed up shop for good. Doing so allowed Sony to acquire all of Konica Minolta’s production know-how. And so, this gave them the competency to develop their first ever digital SLR.
It was in 2005, when Konica Minolta and Sony announced their partnership to develop digital SLR cameras. By January 2006, Konica Minolta closed up and sold all of their operations to Sony. By April 2006, the alpha brand of digital SLR cameras was introduced and by June of the same year, they introduced the Alpha DSLR–A100 to the market.

Sony also introduced the translucent mirror to digital SLRs. This mirror addresses the autofocus performance for capturing videos with a DSLR because you often have to resort to manual focus to keep subjects sharp. With what Sony calls as the SLT system, their SLRs offer you the fastest continuous shot speeds available for SLRs.

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It was just in 2001 when Panasonic started in the digital still camera business under the brand --- Lumix. Even as a latecomer, they came up with the innovation of the Four Thirds system, which was designed for the optimal digital SLR system, rather than for a 35mm camera. An interesting note about the 4/3-inch image sensor is it not only reduces the size of the lens and camera body, but the lenses are also designed to guarantee telecentricity, so that the light striking the image sensor receptors are perfectly almost straight, giving us clear, bright, and sharp images. Panasonic also introduced new ideas to the digital SLR system, such as the Power O.I.S., super zoom, and the Intelligent Auto, which created new trends in the DSC market.

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