Fujifilm X-Pro2 vs Sony A6300?

3 years 3 months ago #496885 by Joe Peterson
I just posted a thread in the Canon section regarding Canon's new mirrorless.  Actually I've been shopping around for a mirrorless and was wondering if the Fujifilm X-Pro2 vs Sony A6300 was even a comparison?  They both get great reviews.  However I looks like the Fuji might have more glass as the perk?


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3 years 2 months ago #497650 by MYoung
Both are such great cameras.  Tough call, I would go with the A6300.  Well, the Fuji will have more lens options.  

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3 years 1 month ago #502039 by effron

Why so serious?
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3 years 3 weeks ago #506411 by Stealthy Ninja
Xpro2 is more of a professional camera, especially good for stealthy shooting and street stuff. Great for the style of events/weddings where you try and blend in and get candid shots.

The Sony is OK, but it has major overheating issues and is less of a professional tool. Plus... it's a Sony...

Fuji ONLY do APS-C (and Medium Format now) so you're getting lenses designed for APS-C and also designed to cover similar focal lengths that are common with FF. For example the 50-140 2.8 OIS is like a 70-200 2.8 IS/VR. The 23mm 1.4 is a 35 1.4 and so on.

Fuji have better colour IMHO.

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3 years 3 weeks ago #506412 by Stealthy Ninja

effron wrote: www.dpreview.com/products/compare/side-b...ducts=fujifilm_xpro2

Ah the old "on paper" comparison.  Sony always put more features into their products, so they look great on paper.  The issues come in real life use.  Ergonomics on the A6300 is inferior to the Xpro2 (for me at least) the colours aren't as good and it has a lot of issues with heat.   It does have some more bells and whistles but the Xpro2 is a photographers camera the A6300 is a gadget enthusiasts camera. 

Then there's the lenses.  Fuji lenses are nearly all excellent. Sony... meh.

Then there's the major difference.  IT's called Kaizen.  It's a Japanese philosophy of continuous improvement.  Fuji is well known for improving their cameras significantly through firmware updates. Already the Xpro2 has had a major AF firmware update, bringing the AF to the point it's as good as the XT2 in base configuration.  I predict Fuji will bring 4K to the Xpro2 as well at some point in the future.  

With Sony (and Canon and Nikon often) if you want new features, you have to buy the next model.  With Fuji, wait a year and you'll basically have a brand new camera for free. 

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