Looking for a MILC for afocal - Samsung NX mini?

4 months 4 weeks ago - 4 months 3 weeks ago #651978 by Qushelian
Hello Forum 

I have a Zeiss LG microscope with finite 160 mm system with binocular head, 23mm eyepiece tube. 

Because i have only a binocular head, so i chosen the afocal method with my little Canon Powershot A590 camera. With the high eyepoint wide field „glasses” type ocular and a little bit of zooming i have very good picture without vignetting. Flashing is also solved with slave flash and mirror. 

Unfornutately the Powershot is hard to handle due energy problems and has a noisy little sensor. 

I looking for replace it with a cheap MILC camera. 

I have seen so far in search, the smaller the camera lens, the better is the compatibility with the ocular. 

I tried a borrowed APSC sensor Samsung NX mini with 18-55mm lens, and the best picture was surprisingly at 18mm, but still seriously vignetted. Who has Samsung NX mini review .

The NX mini is a smaller sensor camera, all manual settings and has a smaller 9-27mm lens with 39mm filter thread. 

It may be appropriate for photography without vignetting? 

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