Calling Apple is such a joke

1 year 8 hours ago #620633 by Beth Anderson
I've been calling Apple store all morning.  No one picks up and I get sent to call center that tells me 20-30 minute hold time.  Then person finally calls me back, and I wanted to check inventory at local store.  So they transfer me and hang up on me.  AND they don't call back.  

This isn't the first time this has happened either.  ARRRRRR

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1 year 6 hours ago #620642 by GaryA
Tuesday morning, I walked into the Apple Store in Brea, CA and walked out 20 minutes later with a new watch for my youngest daughter. Easy-Pezy.  Sorry about your run-around.

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1 year 2 hours ago #620658 by garyrhook
Inventory for what? The Apple store isn't the only channel for Apple products, is it? Have you tried Best Buy, etc?

I find the "geniuses" to be pretentious, and the Apple store "experience" annoying. I only go when I have to, for repairs after making an appointment online, or buying online and picking up in the store.

Oh, yeah. You can buy online and pick up in the store. I just speced out a large iPad with 512 GB (in space gray, of course), wi-fi only, and it immeidately tells me that I can pick it up in my local store.


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11 months 4 weeks ago #620712 by Troponin
we buy our Apple stuff at Best Buy. Apple stores and customer service are ridiculous year round. Haven’t considered stepping in to one for over 4 years now because they add so bad. My only experiences have been bad. Once I sat in the store waiting for 30 mins when it should have only take. 5-10. Reason? My name can be male or female, and the employee was looking for a woman. Meanwhile, the rest of the description of me was on point and the person wasn’t quick enough to realize the mistake. They thought I left, so they pulled me from the waiting list. 

Customer service is a nightmare 

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11 months 3 weeks ago #621132 by Ben Howen
Yeah, try getting your computer worked on from them!  

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11 months 1 week ago #623299 by Phyllis Miller
You can get quicker service at Best Buy, versus going into Apple store.  Apple isn't the only company that has struggling phone help, plenty more out there. 

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