Panasonic lx10 vs Canon G7x mark 2

1 year 8 months ago #558731 by techyogini
Hi All,
I'm new to the forum but have been an enthusist for many years.

Currently I own an Olympus EM10 Mark ii. That is my primary camera along with a few lenses. 

I am looking for a compact camera to carry with me at all times. For the most part shots will be for social media sharing. I'ved narrowed my search to two options: the Panasonic LX10 or the Canon G7x Mark ii.

Spec wise the Panasonic seems the easy choice. Slightly faster lens and 4k video capacity should that become important to me (it's not right now.) Their post focus function is also intriguing but I have difficulty imagining I will use it often. 

The G7x mark ii attracts me because it seems like the general usability is a little more practical. I am short, 5ft 2" so the ability to angle the touch screen downward is something I can see many scenarios I would use it. The Panasonic doesn't do this. The G7x also has an ND filter - which seems potentially useful as well. I've looked into magfilters (I like to photograph our saltwater aquariums and a brown filter would help - actinic LEDs are horrible for photography). Apparently they make one for the G7x but not for the Panasonic. 

For these reasons I'm leaning towards the G7x even though it doesn't have 4k, it's a smidge brighter and has some intriguing shooting modes. 
Does anyone have any first hand experience with these cameras? 

Appreciate any comments or feedback. Btw I ruled out the Sony due to price and the lack of an articulating screen.

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1 year 8 months ago #558936 by garyrhook
Unless you have a 4k television or monitor, no one cares about 4k. Most of what you see online is, at best, HD. And compressed at that.

They both look quite nice. But Panasonic is better at video overall (in general). Both shoot RAW, and I'd suggest you not worry about any filter other than that ND and learn to shoot RAW and process in post. If you really want to develop your skills, that is.

That said, either will work a treat for you. Prioritize your feature list (must have, really want, want, meh) and go from there. And if you haven't gone to a store to hold them and play with them, you really need to do that. You may find a clear winner when you lay hands on them.

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