Which DSLR for macro and landscape photography?

5 years 7 months ago #594176 by D0M1N13
Hi @LL,
I have become a hobbyist photographer since a year ago, taking my smart phone camera everywhere.  I want to go up a level and buy a DSLR camera.  My specialty in photography is macro and landscape photos, of course other photos I also shoot, but these onces I shoot mainly.
I want to know which DSLR camera should I buy that can provide me great macro and landscape photos?  I was searching on Google and when I entered what is a great camera for macro and photography it just gave me separate options for ONLY macro or ONLY landscape photography and the cameras were different.
I am looking into mid-range DSLR's.  Anyone can give me advice?  Much appreciated!

5 years 7 months ago #594245 by garyrhook
It's not the gear.

Having appropriate gear allows you to fulfill your vision, but it's not the gear.

That said, you'll need to decide on a system, and the only reasonable way to do that is to go to a store and hold the candidates in your hand. Play with them. Check out the menus and controls. Take some photos.

Which camera makes sense to you? Which feels best in your hands?

That's the camera (body) you want.

Once you've made that decision, there are all kinds of choices for lenses, and you'll need two different types: A macro, and a wide angle. Prices points across the spectrum. Each has lots of optional accessories, too.

You'll want a tripod, too, for both. Maybe a remote trigger, too.

So: there's no simple answer to your question. I shoot Nikon, have a D750 and a range of lenses, and I'm very happy. But what makes me happy and satisfied my annoy or irk you.

Go to a store to start. YOu don't need an expert salesperson, you simply need access to the products. And you might consider a mirrorless system with an APS-C sensor, as well. Nikon, Canon, Sony, Fuji, etc. But everything I've said above still applies to any of those.

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5 years 4 months ago #609885 by Ryan Obryan
So what did you end up getting?  

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2 years 11 months ago #712699 by D0M1N13
Sorry for such a long time to answer your question - didn't come here for so long.
I ended up buying the Nikon D750.

2 years 11 months ago #712706 by db3348
Hello  D0M1N13 , 

D0M1N13  wrote :   I ended up buying the Nikon D750.

And  did  you also solve  your macro & landscape lens requirements ?

If  I  had  seen  your original post earlier ,  I  may have provided  some advice about "landscape" lenses .  I'm not entirely in agreement with member garyrhook's suggestion of wide-angle for landscapes . 
Simply :  there is no official , single , specific lens , perfectly suitable for ALL landscapes .  The term "landscape"  is a very generic ,  global reference to taking  photos of things on land , sea, ... .  That  may be a close-up of a small bush ,  or a wide , sprawling panoramic vista ,  or a shot of a distant mountain .  They all ,  technically , come under the heading of landscapes .

The choice of "best" lens for any given landscape  depends on the particular landscape  you're shooting right now :  how far away is your subject ?  how big is your subject ?  how  big  do  you  wish to represent  that subject  in your photo ? 

A wide-angle  lens  may be suitable for the wide , sprawling panoramic vista type landscape ,  but  may not produce  a satisfactory shot of a distant mountain ,  which would be better handled by a longer focal length,  telephoto lens . 

If you can be more specific about a preference for any particular style of "landscape" photo that you are aiming for ,  I  can possibly point  you  in the right direction of lens choice for such .

As for the macro , well there are genuine, true ,  purpose-made macro lenses , and  then  there are  lenses  which only claim to have 'macro' capability .  The genuine lenses are often more expensive ,  and  can deliver  some stunning results ,  the non-genuine ,  so-called macro lenses  are maybe more affordable  but  rarely (if ever) deliver  true macro performance .  

The technical definition of a macro lens  is  one  which achieves  a magnification of subject " in which the size of the subject in the photograph is greater than life size " .  (Wikipedia quote) .  That is :  if  the actual subject is 1 inch long ,  then the image in the photo of that subject  measures  more than 1 inch long .  Many of the  non-genuine macro lenses ,  claiming to have 'macro' capability ,  fail to achieve  that ,  on their own ,  being at best  just close-up or close-focusing lenses .



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2 years 11 months ago #712707 by Screamin Scott
I use a Nikon D7100 APS-C for macro and a D610 for landscape. That said, as Gary says, it's not the gear but the photographer. Pretty much any camera will suffice. As for lenses, pretty much any lens can be used for landscapes but a true, flat field, macro is best for macro images. The takeaway there is that you want a longer focal length prime (there are very few true macro zooms and they are all older discontinued models) as the longer focal lengths allow you to get more distance between you and your subject. I shoot a lot of macro and I have MF and AF, true macro, lenses from 55 to 180mm in focal length. My go to lens is an older manual focus model. I seldom use a tripod, or VR either...I do use a ring light or a speedlight with a diffuser as it allows me to stop down for additional DOF plus the short duration of the flash stops all motion, be it my subjects or my own.

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