Can’t Decide Between Nikon D750 and Canon 6D Mark II

2 years 1 month ago #616948 by lesbailey94
Hello!For a bit of background, I received a Nikon D5000 as a gift about 10 years ago and I am just getting to a financial place where I can afford to upgrade. I am more of an enthusiast (I shoot primarily landscapes and travel photography), but I am looking to transition into doing portrait photography. I don’t have any lenses other than the D5000 kit lens (but I am looking into buying a set of primes in the near future), so I COULD transition to Canon if I wanted to pretty easily.I went to a Best Buy and held both cameras in my hand/played around with adjusting settings and focusing- and I must say that I’m still on the fence. I’m leaning Nikon because of their glass options, but I was very impressed with the focusing system on the Canon in the short time that I played around with it.I haven’t had these cameras to try on an actual shoot, so I’m just running off of what I know from the research that I’ve done. I love that the Nikon has dual card slots and great performance in low light , but the Canon’s touch screen is a plus...I guess what I’m looking for here are opinions based on your experience with one or both of these cameras.Thanks!

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2 years 1 month ago #617548 by garyrhook
While a touch screen is a nice feature, you won't be using that while shooting. And you likely won't be doing a huge amount of viewing on the camera. Therefore, it's value, for me, is minimal.

I also think WiFi is silly, but apparently some people take the time to transfer, edit and share photos in the field. I don't.

You can get a full complement of lenses for either system. The D750 has a built-in motor so most old lenses can be used. I don't know about the 6D.

Canon offers an 85mm f/1.2 lens that is unique. Nikon has nothing similar :-(

I've never heard from anyone that disliked their D750. I'm sure the same can be said of the 6D.

If you're not tied to a system, have you considered a micro 4/3s mirrorless system? There's some pretty good stuff out there.

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