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10 months 3 days ago #625976 by desc
Thanks in advance for your help.
I had the Sony RX 100 Mark 4, which I was very pleased with.
It fell down into the water so I am after a new camera.
I'd like to take the opportunity and upgrade a bit.
I am looking for:
- 20 MPX or more
- Better low light photography (that's the one thing I didn't like about the Sony I had).
- Selfie LCD (I don't want to use the phone for that)
- Weather sealed preferred
- Has Image Stabilization
What I don't need:
- I don't use Zoom
- No special video requirement, I barely use it
My budget is around £600-£700 (up to $800).
I found the Pentax K70, but I wonder if I could find something a little better than that, that fits my budget.

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10 months 1 day ago #626369 by garyrhook
I think you mean "articulated screen".

You don't mention if you want a detachable lens system.

Smaller sensors are going to suffer in low light. It's just a fact of life.

Weather sealing is hit or miss, and probably not as important as you might think.

The Pentax K70 is a DSLR, and you'd need a lens.

Only certain brands have IS built into the body. Some have it in the lenses.

You should perhaps look at a modest Sony Alpha. The Nikon D5xxx bodies have the screen you want, and you can get an appropriate lens to meet your needs (e.g. 50mm vs. a short zoom). Both of those would fit with your budget.

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10 months 1 day ago #626370 by Ozzie_Traveller
G'day desc

Your list of requirements seems quite demanding - and I'm not sure that you're going to find an easy answer
To me it raises more Qs than As

Why do you need 20mpx but zoom / lenses are unimportant?
What are you going to do with all those pixels? Will you be printing large prints? or Do you want to crop the centre of the image because the centre-of-interest is so small?

You say you want good low-light capability ... you won't get that with a 20mpx small crop sensor ... maybe a sensor of APS size, or a small sensor of maybe 12 mpx will do. But again - what do you need 20mpx for?

Your old / dead camera was a small point-&-shoot, fixed lens without much zoom, but you're now talking a dSLR which takes other lenses. Have you thought about what lens you want with the body? Do you want to match the old Sony in zoom range? or something else

I think that a) we need more info in order to give you a good answer to your Q, and for that, maybe you b) need to think a bit more about your 'new' needs

Hope this helps
Phil from the great land Downunder

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