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3 years 2 months ago - 3 years 2 months ago #705573 by Leondai
Hey Everybody!
I was wondering if someone could speak volume to camera body options. After researching, it seems like I can only afford a used camera, probably several years older.
I've researched a pretty good amount on the Sony F3, Red One, Ursa Mini, and stuff within that range. Those are around the price range I can justify unless someone suggests a really good alternative. Just curious as to what your experiences or suggestions might be, or lessons you wish you would've learned.
I'm also open to older/other equipment if there are alternative suggestions that someone might have. 4k is great and all, but I care most about image quality. I can spend a lot of money for a new gear I won jackpot on the Golden Tiger casino after reading their review on this page  and now hope to buy good camera.
Thanks in advance to anyone that weighs in!

3 years 1 month ago #708410 by TCav
Cameras have a lot of electronic, mechanical, and electromechanical parts that can and do wear over time. Buying a used camera is a gamble, so if you go that way, get a warranty. Not a guarantee, a warranty. A guarantee means that if the camera fails, you'll get your money back. A warranty means that if the camera fails, they'll fix it for you. By the time your camera fails, you'll probably have already spent a lot on lenses and accessories, so getting your money back for the camera doesn't help you. A warranty, however, means they'll fix it, so you can continue using all the other stuff you bought for it.

( offers warranties on its used cameras.)

Used lenses are a great way to get the gear you want without paying through the nose. I have three dSLRs (Nikon, Sony and Pentax) and have multiple lenses for each of them. I've only bought of my 2 lenses new. Everything else I got from KEH, eBay, and the occasional retailer with a Used Department.




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